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Sponsors & Partners

We’re looking for sponsors

We’re planning our new conference Appdevcon! Every year, it feels to us like a large family of app developers is coming to Amsterdam to enjoy 2 days of seeing old friends again, meeting new friends and learning from the best. We don’t want to be the biggest conference around, but we do want to be a conference that leaves the right impression with attendees, a conference that people enjoy thinking back of.

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Sponsorship packages

We have multiple sponsorship packages. They pay for a considerable amount of the organising costs of the conference and make sure we can offer tickets to our attendees at a low price, while keeping the quality of the event high. Packages range from bronze to gold deals, including things like:

  • an exhibition table in the foyer (we don’t have too much space so be quick if you want this)
  • social media exposure
  • callouts in the intro and wrap-up
  • possibilities to add a printed or physical item in the goodie bags
  • company logo published on multiple channels

Sponsorship specials

Next to our traditional sponsorship packages, we also offer sponsorship “specials”. These packages offer a way to sponsor either activities or other costs that are involved in running a conferences. Each of the specials allow for a unique way to put your company in the spotlight. Some examples:

  • popcorn sponsorship (it’s a movie theatre after all)
  • speaker’s dinner sponsor (the best way to network with our speakers)
  • video sponsor
  • movie night sponsor

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