A technical app challenge? Yes, please!

Egeniq is one of the leading app development agencies in the Netherlands. We are at the forefront of innovation and distinctive techniques. We also provide companies with app consultancy, i.e., analysing your app (ideas) or reviewing an app that is already under development, has just been implemented, or has been in the air for years.

If you want to make sure that your app works perfectly, we help companies with technical advice. We can show you what can be improved at each stage of an app’s lifecycle. In addition, we can present alternatives and outline what you can expect in the future. This includes upgrades, new tools and possible expansion options in terms of functions and capacity.

Powerful people

Furthermore, we think about which functions are most suitable for your needs and can also implement our recommended improvements. Of course, we can also support companies in optimising the app development process. It all boils down to Egeniq being an all-encompassing app agency, full of talented, experienced and highly motivated software engineers.

Take Iulia, one of our top Android developers, for example. What makes Iulia’s heart beat faster? Android! Cool challenges in developing native apps—you couldn’t make her happier. And what about Dániel? Dániel is usually ready before you ask him to start. And he always delivers the highest quality.

Taking the skills and motivation of our team members into account, it is not surprising that many well-known companies know where to find us. Pathé, RTL Nederland, Arsenal FC, Schiphol, NPO, Nederlandse Loterij and BNR Nieuwsradio, to name a few. From entertainment to travel and from the public sector to education, you will find apps made by Egeniq all over the place.

This is the way we work

To achieve the best results, we help you by following three key steps.

1. Understanding

At first, we will try to really understand you and your case. What do you want to achieve with an app? What is the message behind the app? And, from a more technical perspective, do you want to use one particular device or multiple systems? Extensive and frequent consultation will enable us to thoroughly map out your wants and needs. Based on this information, we will design a product of top-notch quality that perfectly matches your requirements.

2. Development

Now that we’ve gotten to know you, we can start developing your app. Generating code, making use of APIs and linking libraries are all part of the development process. We have already gathered the information about the possible complexities, as well as the less difficult problems. Since we are always one step ahead, the app development process will not take as long as one might think.

Most of the time will be spent on testing the app. After all, we don’t want an app to crash or not function well when it hits the stores and becomes available to everyone. We go for a five-star review, and no less.

3. Maintenance and further development

After the launch, an app can be successful immediately. That is what we strive for, of course. But to stay top-notch, you must keep pace with ongoing IT developments. Therefore, you will have to keep modernising your app. For example, by adjusting it to the platform or adding voice steering. Egeniq will happily stay connected to our customer, to explore new ideas and possibilities for the future—if desired, of course. By doing this, you can continue to distinguish yourself in the market.

More information

Are you interested in the Egeniq app agency? Do you want to know more about our services and vacancies? Please check out www.egeniq.com or send us an e-mail: info@egeniq.com.