Practical information for Appdevcon Conference attendees (Friday)

Next week, over 1000 developers will gather in Pathé Amsterdam Noord for a day of learning and meeting new friends. In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the conference day on Friday. If you also have a ticket for the tutorial day, read the Practical Info For Tutorial Attendees too. Travel The main conference is in Pathé Amsterdam Noord. (Google Maps Link) If you come by public transport, the nearest train station is Amsterdam Central Station. You can take Metro 52 from Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Noord, journey time is just 5 minutes. Walking from the station [...]

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Practical Information for Appdevcon Training/Tutorial Attendees (Tue, Wed, Thu)

In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the training days on Tuesday and Wednesday and the tutorial day on Thursday.Note that these days requires a specific ticket, if you have a ticket that says ‘Conference Only’ then it does not include the training or tutorial days. Most training/tutorial day attendees also have a ticket for the main conference on Friday, so read the Practical Info For Conference Attendees too.TravelThe training and tutorial days are in Pathé Amsterdam Noord. (Google Maps Link)If you come by public transport, the nearest train station is Amsterdam Central Station. You can take Metro [...]

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New update strengthens conference experience for Appdevcon app

Appdevcon is just around the corner! This is one of the leading conferences in app development. This time, the organization is releasing a new update for the Appdevcon app, so you have all the necessary information. The new update provides attendees with the ability to stay informed about all important updates, schedules, and sessions during the event. The app is available for both Android and iOS. It is an indispensable tool for all visitors, helping you make the most of your Appdevcon experience. With the Appdevcon update, visitors have various options, such as: See the complete conference schedule With [...]

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Appdevcon 2024 Schedule Published!

We're thrilled to announce that the Appdevcon 2024 schedule is now published! The lineup promises an exciting experience for all attendees, packed with valuable content and networking opportunities. Here's a glimpse of what's in store: Schedule Highlights: Training Sessions (Tuesday and Wednesday): Dive deep into various topics with our diverse range of training sessions, from renowned experts such as Daniel Steinberg. Tutorials (Thursday): Choose 1 half and full-day tutorial to enhance your skills and knowledge. Conference (Friday): Brace yourself for an impressive lineup of 110 conference sessions spread across 12 tracks. Ticket Information: Tickets are still available for all [...]

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The future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

App Development is a constant evolving workfield, undergoing continual transformations. The landscape today is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago, and the pace of changes isn't slowing down anytime soon. Within this dynamic environment, one notable evolution is the emergence of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) within apps. However, comprehending the implications of the technologies for the future of app development requires a deeper understanding. What exactly are there new concepts? And how do they shape the future of app development in the years to come? This article delves into these questions, exploring [...]

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Appdevcon 2024 will have a twist

As the eleventh edition of Appdevcon, the largest app conference in the Netherlands, approaches, there is an air of excitement in the tech community. This year Appdevcon promises to be a little different from its predecessors, setting the stage for an unique and transformative experience. Join us as we dive into what makes Appdevcon 2024 stand out in the world of app development, and explore the changes that are being made in this ever changing industry. This year Appdevcon will not be alone. Three conferences will be combined in one building and are turned into one big developer event. Which [...]

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The Android white label process at ioki

At ioki GmbH, we complement existing public transport with a demand-responsive transport (DRT) system. We equip our customers with the platform to provide on-demand transport services, including consulting, transport APIs, mobility intelligence and white-label apps (WLAs). White labelling mobile applications is an integral process for customising on-demand solutions at ioki. We currently have 80 modules in-app and 70+ projects being released biweekly, a number that is ever-growing! With an increasing number of features and code, we need to separate responsibilities between the core feature-driven app and the white-label projects, while optimising for scalability. In 2022, we gave time to [...]

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The schedule is complete!

We filled the last gaps and the Appdevcon schedule is now complete! On the schedule page you can find the schedule details for all days. We have 3 training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, 8 half-day and 1 full-day tutorial on Thursday and on Friday we have 58 conference sessions across 8 tracks. We still have tickets available for all days (you can buy a passe-partout for all days or buy individual days). Note 1: For Thursday a number of sessions have been fully booked. To make sure you still have choices if you book a 4-day ticket, we [...]

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The State of Mobile App Development in 2022

As part of the annual Bitrise State of Mobile App Development report, Bitrise compiles the most significant mobile app development takeaways from the year's data. Let's take a look at this year's State of Mobile App Development in 2022 Report. In 2022, we spent a lot of time developing new features to help you step up your game on mobile, including: Flare.Build: Bitrise acquired Flare.Build to enable developers to speed up feedback loops, iterate faster, and multiply app build performance by up to 10x with remote and advanced cache options. Build Pipeline: break your Workflows into Stages, build and [...]

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Introducing new ways to optimize how you analyze your data

Bitrise is making great new additional changes to how you can use Bitrise Insights. This includes changes to some of our chart titles, the identification of flaky tests, the display of build failure rate and typical duration and more. In addition to working on Dashboards, Bitrise is making great new additional changes to how you can use Bitrise Insights. This includes changes to some of our chart titles, the identification of flaky tests, the display of build failure rate and typical duration, the display of data points when hovering over a chart, the display of lengthy workflow names, and replacing a [...]

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Back by popular demand: Daniel, Abraham and Alex

We're excited to share some of our training day speakers! Daniel Steinberg has given workshops and sessions at Appdevcon in the past and has always been one of our highest rated speakers. He was scheduled at the canceled 2020 event and did an online version later that year, but many people have asked if we could invite Daniel back for an in person class again. So this year he will present a two-day workshop on Swift Async/Await on Tuesday and Wednesday! Another speaker that was scheduled in 2020 and unfortunately couldn’t make it in 2021, is Abraham Aranguren. His security [...]

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Build Pipelines (beta) now available for all Bitrise users

Build Pipelines, beta, is now available on all plans for Bitrise users. Organize your CI/CD process, set up advanced configurations with multiple tasks, and run them in parallel—today. Bitrise Pipelines — the feature that runs individual workflows in parallel — is now available on all plans for Bitrise users in beta. That’s right — Build Pipelines, the force behind organizing your CI/CD process, setting up advanced configurations with multiple tasks, and running them in parallel — is now available to all users, in beta. So, what can you expect from Build Pipelines if you haven’t used it yet? Then vs now: What [...]

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Why networking helps you reach your career goals

Networking is often seen as an unpleasant obligation, rather than something enjoyable. And it’s true – showing your personality and skills can feel highly uncomfortable. However, when you get over that uneasiness, you might be rewarded in terms of achieving your career goals and ambitions. People and trust: key aspects of networking Networking is all about people. You meet people you have never met before or chat with somebody you have not seen for a while. You might be able to help this person with something, and, in return, they can offer you their support with something else. After [...]

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Appdevcon 2023 10th anniversary edition announced!

We’re happy to announce the dates for our 10th anniversary edition: Appdevcon 10 will be held from May 9-12, 2023 in Amsterdam! Many details will follow later, but here’s what we can share now: Early bird tickets are now available. Get them here. We’re reviving the endpoint conference, this is  a backend and web conference we’ve organized years ago as a sister conference. By organizing it on the same dates as Appdevcon 10, you can bring all your backend and web team mates as well! The call for papers for both conferences is open from now until February 1st. [...]

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The pros and cons of domain-driven design

The pros and cons of domain-driven design When preparing business cases, developing ideas and implementing software solutions, software developers like to modernise without having to reinvent the wheel. A well-known technique for doing this is domain-driven design, or DDD. By using a common language (ubiquitous language), a design (or “domain model” is created. By defining themes, the subjects (entities) are described. This is done without reference to the solution itself (technology and software architecture). Eric Evans is a pioneer within the field of domain-driven design. According to him “[e]very model represents some aspect of reality or an idea of [...]

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Appdevcon and Appril 2022 are a wrap!

Appdevcon 2022: an epic edition Appdevcon 2022 is a wrap! What a great edition it was—again! The most experienced speakers and influencers in the world of app development treated our attendees to a range of inspiring talks and training sessions. People from all over the world found their way to Amsterdam to join, connect and get informed. Slowly, the photos and videos of this year’s event have been made available. Do you want to check them out? You will find the photos here: Conference day Tutorial day Training day 1 Training day 2 Of course, we also invite you [...]

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Building an Android app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase

This is the first part of a series of articles that dive into creating a new Android application from scratch using Jetpack Compose for the user interface and some other tools offered by Google, like Firebase Authentication, Crashlytics, Cloud Firestore and Hilt. In this first part, we will take a look at what you can do with this app, how it is structured and what technologies we will be covering in this series. In part 2, we will look at Firebase Authentication and how it helps us to implement the sign up and login flows. In part 3, we [...]

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A technical app challenge? Yes, please!

Egeniq is one of the leading app development agencies in the Netherlands. We are at the forefront of innovation and distinctive techniques. We also provide companies with app consultancy, i.e., analysing your app (ideas) or reviewing an app that is already under development, has just been implemented, or has been in the air for years. If you want to make sure that your app works perfectly, we help companies with technical advice. We can show you what can be improved at each stage of an app’s lifecycle. In addition, we can present alternatives and outline what you can expect [...]

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How Our iOS Team Built the SwiftUI SDK Message List

Over the years, in-app chat has evolved from a simple, text-based mechanism to a social feed-like experience replete with images, GIFs, videos, reactions, and more. But what’s required under the hood to power such an experience? Apart from the rich feature set, chats need to be very responsive in order to update data correctly based on real-time events, especially in larger chats, such as live streams or group messages. In addition to responsiveness, chats must be quite performant in terms of scrolling, memory usage, and performance in general. These were challenges we had to consider when we started building [...]

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Why attend Appdevcon

“Appdevcon is a powerful, inspiring meeting of app developers for app developers.” The latest technical insights When you visit Appdevcon, you will listen to various keynote speakers and participate in interesting masterclasses and interactive workshops. The way to stay informed of the latest technical insights. Learn from heavyweights Leading developers from across the technology sector in the broadest sense of the word share their views on the challenges, solutions and opportunities for the future of the European technology sector. Discover emerging technologies Discover how the technology contributes to building resilience. Resilience that enables organizations and economies to respond faster and [...]

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Appril Festival 2020 a recap

Appril festival has been over for quite a while now. But it could be the case that you couldn’t attend all our excellent seminars or that you want to revisit one or two seminars. That’s why we have made this summary of all the 2020 seminars, so you can pick and choose which seminar you want to revisit. Accessible apps Dennie Declercq Want to start building apps for people with disabilities but don’t know where to start? In this session, Dennie covers everything to start right now! There are many people with learning disabilities around the world. There are also [...]

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Free e-book about Apps and Law

Thanks to one of our contacts, we are able to share this new free e-book about Apps & Law. There is also a dutch version. Here is more information about the book: Creating an app always starts with an idea. During the development process from idea to app, many topics need to be addressed, including legal issues. And although legal issues might not always come to mind from the start, we recommend that you do consider them from the very beginning. On the one hand, an app must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those regarding privacy. However, [...]

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Appdevcon; for and by app developers

Appdevcon is the annual meeting by app developers, for app developers. Due to the corona crisis, organizer Egeniq has chosen to offer the conference largely online. You can attend various sessions from Thursday 24 September. Whether you are an Android, iOS, Windows, Web or TV or another app developer, there is something for everyone! On September 24, the online version of Appdevcon will be kicked off by Jovche Mitrejchevski. He tells all the ins and outs about TDD on Android. You can indulge yourself as an app developer until December 10, because there are several sessions that you can [...]

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Appdevcon postponed to 2021

We announced a while ago that the dates for the Appdevcon would be moved to September. September seemed so far off back then, but the Corona crisis is far from over. Although measures are being relaxed in The Netherlands, many of our speakers and attendees are in countries where the Corona virus is far from gone. Because of this, we have decided that the sensible thing to do is to postpone Appdevcon to 2021. Meanwhile, we will do a number of online sessions with speakers that are willing to deliver an online version of their talk. We have seen mixed [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of being a developer

A career with a high salary, solving world problems every day and appreciation from society. Working as a developer seems to be the holy grail. However, there are also disadvantages to working as a developer. We have listed the most mentioned advantages and disadvantages for you here. Handy to explain exactly what you do on birthdays. Or if you have the skills and are considering doing something with it. Egeniq makes smart apps for various platforms and devices, such as smartphones and wearables. We think it is important that it makes you happy. Because we also know the advantages [...]

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Important Update: Appdevcon 2020 postponed to September 15-18

It is with great regret that this morning we had to decide to postpone Appdevcon 2020 to September (new dates: 15-18 September 2020). Until today we planned to just make the best of it but with the current speed of events, it's just not feasible to continue to focus on next week. Despite the governments recommendation that events may proceed as planned, we believe it's in everyone's best interest if we don't put people at risk.Already purchased tickets will remain valid for September. If however you would rather be refunded, we offer a full refund of your ticket. (In that [...]

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“Our app will become our main channel”

"Delivering results as a team, using the right tool at the right time; it never gets old." In short, that's what Jeroen Leenarts (40) loves about his job. He is part of the team working on the iOS app for Centraal Beheer, a subsidiary of Achmea, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. You can read more about it in his blog."People sometimes ask, 'how important can an app be?' Well, I fully expect the Centraal Beheer app to become our main channel for all contact with existing and new customers, which says something about the importance of the current [...]

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I’m working on an app for hundreds of thousands of users

"I'm part of a large team working with a lot of tools on an app for a lot of customers. It's tremendously educational." It's no surprise that Hylke Bron (27) enjoys his work as an app developer at Achmea, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. He works on Centraal Beheer’s Android app. Read his blog and you will understand why he enjoys it so much. "What technology and tools do you use?” is often the first question my peers ask me. Well, here goes: We work according to the industry standards for the Android app, i.e. Native Android, [...]

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Diversity scholarship tickets for Appdevcon 2020

Thanks to a gracious sponsorship by JetBrains we are able to hand out 10 free diversity tickets to Appdevcon 2020. Scholarships are available for anyone in an underrepresented group in tech. This includes (but is not limited to): women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships. If we receive more applications than we have tickets available we will raffle the tickets among the entries. Since we want to keep this as fair as possible we will initially only ask for your email address. If we assign you one of the tickets we will contact [...]

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App developer at Achmea: “Almost biting off more than you can chew”

A nice job, a decent employer and close to home, even. Wouldn’t we all like to have that? Hylke Bron (27) and Jeroen Leenarts (40) had the same dream but they actually made it happen. Both of them now work for Achmea, the largest Dutch insurance company. Every day Achmea, together with her power brands ‘Centraal Beheer’, ‘Interpolis’ and ‘Zilveren Kruis’ aim for a better quality of life for 10 million customers. Hylke and Jeroen work as app developers for Achmea IT on the Centraal Beheer customer app. Hylke focuses on the Android side of things while Jeroen works [...]

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Achmea proud to be sponsor of Appdevon 2020

Achmea is proud to be sponsor of the 9th edition of Appdevcon, that takes place between 10 and 13 March 2020 in Amsterdam. At Achmea we help people to deal with risks as well as possible. With major brands such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, FBTO and Zilveren Kruis we are leading in the world of insurance. We have been leading for 200 years. And ... that's what we still hope to be doing in 200 years. Our customer’s happiness: that’s our commitment. Insuring has everything to do with feeling good, we are convinced of that. We live in a world [...]

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PARK NOW now platinum sponsor Appdevcon 2020!

PARK NOW connects with Appdevcon in 2020! PARK NOW will be the platinum sponsor of the 9th edition of Appdevcon, which Egeniq will organize from 10 to 13 March 2020. The history of the PARK NOW Group begins in 2000 with phone and text parking in the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands. Since then, we have grown to be the world’s leading provider of on-demand mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Our apps are constantly refined to be faster and simpler to use, and we are now moving into car dashboards. This 9th edition promises to be a [...]

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