Become a sponsor of Appdevcon & Appril 2022

Do you want your brand to be known as a superpower within app development? Then become a sponsor of Appdevcon & Appril 2022!

Appdevcon is the conference for app developers. Here we share the latest technical insights, innovative solutions and special knowledge of inspiring speakers. It is a unique opportunity to meet each other in real life. Especially now that the conference is being combined with the Appril festival: an inspiring event that brings together the development, business and design aspects of the app world.

Why become a sponsor of Appdevcon & Appril 2022?

If you contribute to this extra large event, many app developers will see you as a forerunner of the trends. Will you also become a proud Appdevcon sponsor? That brings you the following benefits:

Attract new talent

The event of 2022 will certainly be big! As a sponsor of Appdevcon you get direct access to a large pool of up-and-coming talent. The entire app developers world sees your employer brand and potential employees see your company as ‘the place to work’. You were in the foreground of an app tech event.

Promote your products and services

Your technical solutions should also be seen. Who knows, this event may put you in touch with a new B2B customer. Appdevcon is not only useful for recruitment, but also offers new opportunities for displaying your product or service.

Become an iconic brand

Sponsoring a major app event boosts your brand positioning. Your contribution shows that you are involved in the industry. You know what is going on in terms of innovation and therefore like to come to the fore. That contributes to your authority in the field of app development.

Sponsor Packages for Appdevcon & Appril

With the help of our sponsors we provide a very high quality conference for an affordable price. Would you like to contribute to that? We offer the packages for this.
In addition to the sponsor packages, we offer various media packages and fun specials for food, drinks and parties around the conference. More information can be found here. In addition, as a partner of Appdevcon, you can also have your content promoted throughout the year or have your vacancies shared by us.

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