What is the difference between Endpointcon and Appdevcon?

Appdevcon is a conference for developers. It has always focused on the most technical aspects of the development process, with tracks specific to Android and iOS developers. Endpointcon is for backend and web development. For attendees with a specific focus, we have labelled Appdevcon talks blue and Endpointcon talks grey in the schedule.

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What will I learn?

The agenda of Appdevcon and Endpoint covers all aspects of app - and web development. This will help you learn about the whole process, from connecting and design, via development, to user acquisition to retention. We have five different tracks, each covering a certain aspect of app development. Our training and tutorial days allow you to dive even deeper into your favourite topics.

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What types of sessions will be available during the event?

Appdevcon & Endpoint Conference offers you talks, tutorials and training sessions. You can read exactly what this means below. Talks Inspiring presentations related to the most important aspects of the app landscape. These talks allow you to take a deep dive into app development, from connecting and design, via development and QA to user acquisition and retention and everything in between. Join these sessions and get inspired by our industry heavyweights! The talks are held on the conference day, on Friday. Tutorials Our half-day tutorials on Thursday provide you with the opportunity to dive even deeper into a topic. [...]

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Will images be taken during the event?

Yes, one or two photographers will be present at Appdevcon & Endpoint Conference and there's a video crew who record sessions and make an aftermovie. Don’t want to be photographed or filmed? Please get an orange ticker at the reception desk and place it visibly on your badge. We will try to avoid taking pictures of people with orange stickers; if they do end up on a picture we will try to blur them.

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Can I be a volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers. Would you like to help us? Sign up as a volunteer by emailing team@appdevcon.nl.

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Will there be first aid on site?

The venues are responsible for ensuring first aid staff availability. We will rely on the venue's expertise regarding this topic. Please notify the venue staff in case of a medical emergency.

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What is the dress code?

There is no dresscode, we recommend casual clothing that is comfortable all day long. Just ensure your clothing choices are in line with our code of conduct.

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What time does the event start and finish?

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the event is done at 17.00h. On Friday, the conference closes at 17.30 but there's an after party immediately afterwards. There is no strict end to the after party, but the bar closes at midnight.

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