Interview with IceMobile’s Bart Soeters

Question 1: 12 years of app development, what have you been doing all these years?

Hah! That’s a long time, where a lot has happened for me. I remember running Cydia on my first iPod Touch, far before I could write proper software, indicating the true potential of such a platform. Many crazy hacky features seen back than are now available as features of the phones we see today. By the time I graduated I did twice an internship in mobile software development, joining a mobile development company was a dream come truth.

Question 2. Tell me bit more about yourself and what do you create?

‘We empower food retailers to be loyal to consumers’.
As a global market leader with over 50+ programs and 10+ million users across 3 continents, our goal is to help food retailers deliver the best digital experiences to their consumers. We help companies to innovate with impact, and build stronger relationships with their customers. With our bright loyalty platform, we offer a suite of digital products specialized for food retailers, to create customer intimacy at mass scale. Next to that, we are a digital UX agency. Where we create epic user experiences with strategy, research, concepting, design and agile development.

IceMobile was founded with the vision that mobile would become the most important medium in people’s lives. Over the past 15 years we’ve created award-winning apps and mobile experiences for all kinds of industries. Our merger with BrandLoyalty in 2012 allowed us to expand globally, and specialize in loyalty for food retail. My role within the organization is making sure the fundamental development landscape meets the business criteria. Translating a business vision into development goals while picking or realizing the tools that are needed. This allows us to move forward with our both our clients and products.

Question 3: What milestone or technologic breakthrough will be most remarkable within the next 2 year?

The result of the match: ‘Platform of the future’ with some great players! Native vs. PWA. Who knows what the result will be! I think PWA is a strong competitor which will definitely have influence on a part of the mobile industry.

Question 4: What’s your contribution during the appdevcon conference?

Displaying a case study where I showcase our approach on product development for mobile applications. Something that not every company does, and which requires a certain mindset to achieve.

Question 5: What message do you want to bring across to app developers.

Being critical today will lead to better result tomorrow. Have a critical open mind about today’s technology will allow you to be ready for tomorrow.

Bart Soeters