Senior Mobile Engineer (iOS and/or Android) at Bitrise

Bitrise serves as the beating heart of the mobile app development process for our customers around the world. Our mission is to help developers build better apps, faster.
We are looking for an open-minded mobile developer who’d like to become part of a hands-on product engineering team that seeks challenge, engineering crafts, quality, innovation and have a sense of urgency to increase the quality of mobile apps in the world by automating all the things.
The Mobile DevOps Team is responsible for creating, updating, and improving our fast-growing Go library of 300+ build Steps. In order to anticipate our customer needs, we will actively build, tool, and maintain a suite of apps in iOS, Android, and Flutter.

As a Senior Mobile Engineer at Bitrise, you will

    • Work in a cross-functional agile team
    • Impact the success of products developed by tens of thousands of users
    • Explore, understand and help to solve the challenges of mobile developers
    • Help them automate their everyday tasks
    • Help us increase the quality of our work by writing automated tests
    • Contribute to and maintain the codebase of the Step Library
    • Design, develop and release new solutions to the Bitrise platform as Steps or integrations
    • Actively participate in team-related discussions and decisions

Key skills and characteristics

    • You are confident in at least one high-level programming language and you are open to learning new tools and languages
    • You are using up-to-date best practices in your daily work
    • You have an agile mindset and a strong focus on problem-solving
    • You are able to define and communicate technical and design requirements
    • You are able to build high-quality, testable, maintainable code
    • You love to work in a team and you are open to participating in practices such as pair coding
    • You have a customer-first mindset and are happy to solve challenges of developers using Bitrise
    • You are eager to learn and continuously improve yourself

What would really knock our socks off

    • You have several years of hands-on experience with iOS, Android, or any other main platform
    • You are writing code in the Go programming language
    • You know any of these platforms: React Native, Flutter, Ionic/Cordova, or macOS.
    • You have experience in open-source development
    • You know continuous integration systems well
    • You can break down complex technical information and explain it in a more simple way

Your first year at Bitrise

    • After 3 months: you’re a solid member in one of our teams, receiving feedback regularly, having a supportive relationship with your Engineering Manager, working and meeting with other areas within Bitrise, regularly pushing code to production, understanding the major challenges we’d like to solve, participating in Engineering activities and at least one major project, have a good grasp of your team’s ownership and how Bitrise works both as a company and as a product.
    • After 6 months: you have ownership of at least one technical area, you have a solid understanding of the technologies and tools we are using, you made effort to improve our systems and our way of working, you have a career growth plan which is continuously being tracked together with your Engineering Manager.
    • After 12 months: we are celebrating your first successful year at Bitrise with virtual high fives and -(maybe) a real cake. You have the ownership of at least one major project, you have a deep understanding of your team’s whole business and technological domain, you are the go-to-person in at least one area, you worked closely together with other teams, you participated at least 2 times in our 360° feedback cycles and have a successful track record of delivering value to our customers and improving the way of working.

What we offer

    • A massive amount of freedom and trust while your contributions help shape and grow Bitrise for years to come
    • A commitment to invest in your personal growth and development in the form of courses, conferences, book allowance and more
    • The opportunity to learn about app development by playing a crucial role in the mobile development process for the world’s most successful companies
    • The security of working in a financially stable, growing company with an ever-expanding global customer base
    • The opportunity to travel the world to meet, learn from, and connect to end-users at conferences and meetings, as well as the chance to occasionally work from one of our international offices
About Bitrise
Bitrise is a continuous integration and delivery platform, built by and for mobile app developers. Our mission? To help everyone build and operate better mobile apps. By streamlining, automating and optimizing recurring mobile development processes, we free up time and resources for creative, interesting, and impactful development tasks, resulting in better, faster releases.
As a successful graduate of Y Combinator, we are born of the same DNA as Airbnb, Reddit and Dropbox. Since Bitrise was launched in 2015, we have grown exponentially: Today, tens of thousands of developers release apps via Bitrise, that end up on billions of mobile devices around the world.
Current customers include fortune 500 companies like Virgin or SIXT, and rapidly scaling unicorns like Transferwise, Mozilla, and Get Your Guide. Pick up any mobile device, and chances are you’ll encounter multiple apps that were built on Bitrise. Working at Bitrise means contributing to all of that.
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