Technical Program Manager (Senior/Staff/Principal) at Bitrise


Our mission at Bitrise is to maximize the impact of apps on society. We enable organizations to deliver more impact, faster, through an ecosystem of tools, learnings, and community. We make our customers’ journey delightful while defining what App DevOps is for years to come.

The EngOps team is creating the frameworks, tools, and processes that enable Bitrise teams to work efficiently, deliver frequently, learn quickly, and scale easily. We work across multiple disciplines to ensure that our Engineering teams can do their best. We are passionate about collaboration, engineering culture, challenges, quality, and innovation.

Come and work with us at Bitrise on making our products better through fast iterations. We are looking for a seasoned Technical Program Manager (TPM) to help us build better products, have more organized decisions, and contribute to building the best TPM organization.

As a Technical Program Manager at Bitrise you will

  • Be accountable for driving the execution of cross-team, cross-functional initiatives
  • Manage end-to-end technical solutions and ensure on-time delivery
  • Build strong relationships with internal stakeholders and thoroughly understand their business processes, challenges, and needs
  • Keep Engineers, EMs, PMs, etc. in the loop and make sure everyone is working on the most important things
  • Communicate on planning, project status, challenges, and risks in a timely fashion to stakeholders
  • Share and articulate the technology, requirements, goals, and milestones within the organization
  • Establish shared goals with teams to build alignment across multiple XFN teams
  • Enabling and ensuring great collaboration between teams
  • Help teams define the roadmap and long-term strategy
  • Help drive decisions to align with higher company initiatives
  • Ask questions that clarify priorities and push the team to be highly effective
  • Identify dependencies and develop mitigation strategies
  • Develop broad domain and technical knowledge specific to your area

Key skills and characteristics

  • You have a proven track record of working as a Technical Program Manager
  • You move with urgency and focus, even in a constantly changing and sometimes ambiguous environment
  • You have a strong understanding of agile, lean, and other iterative practices
  • You have experience working in web, mobile, or infrastructure areas
  • You have an incrementalist mindset, focusing on speed and efficiency
  • You have a crystal clear communication style, both written and spoken
  • You are using metrics and other objective measurements on a daily basis
  • You are independent, self-motivated, and dedicated
  • You are able to motivate and engage people around you
  • You embody radical candor

What would really knock our socks off

  • You have experience in working with scaling startups
  • You have experience in working with SaaS companies
  • You have experience in working with CI/CD companies
  • You have experience in working with different timezones
  • You have experience in laying the foundations of technical program management

What we offer

  • A massive amount of freedom and trust while your contributions help shape and grow Bitrise for years to come
  • A commitment to invest in your personal growth and development in the form of courses, conferences, book allowance and more
  • The opportunity to learn about app development by playing a crucial role in the mobile development process for the world’s most successful companies
  • The security of working in a financially stable, growing company with an ever-expanding global customer base
  • The opportunity to travel the world to meet, learn from, and connect to end-users at conferences and meetings, as well as the chance to occasionally work from one of our international offices

About Bitrise

Bitrise is a continuous integration and delivery platform, built by and for mobile app developers. Our mission? To help everyone build and operate better mobile apps. By streamlining, automating and optimizing recurring mobile development processes, we free up time and resources for creative, interesting and impactful development tasks, resulting in better, faster releases.

As a successful graduate of Y Combinator, we are born of the same DNA as Airbnb, Reddit and Dropbox. Since Bitrise was launched in 2015, we have grown exponentially: Today, tens of thousands of developers release apps via Bitrise, that end up on billions of mobile devices around the world.

Current customers include fortune 500 companies like Virgin or SIXT, and rapidly scaling unicorns like Transferwise, Mozilla and Get Your Guide. Pick up any mobile device, and chances are you’ll encounter multiple apps that were built on Bitrise. Working at Bitrise means contributing to all of that.