Meet our organiser and sponsor Egeniq

We would like you to meet Egeniq. Egeniq is one of the organisers and sponsors of Appdevcon. Together with Appril, they host the biggest app development event in The Netherlands. In this interview, we speak with Jessica Henneman, their project manager and marketeer.

Can you tell us something about your company?
“We are a company that develops exciting apps, responsive websites, and back-end APIs. We create apps for any platform or device. Our company consists of real experts who can take on any technical challenge. We make working in app development fun. Our team is loyal, involved and always looking for something new to learn.”

How are you involved in Appdevcon?
“After three years, we are happy to be back as one of the organisers of Appdevcon. Together with Appril, we organise this beautiful event. The last editions were online, so we are really excited to host this year’s in-person event. This year, Appdevcon is bigger than ever!

We are also sponsoring Appdevcon, as we want to stimulate the sharing of knowledge in app development. We strongly believe that there should be more events like Appdevcon, so we can all meet and learn from each other.”

Why should people come to your stand?
“This year, we’re building a wooden house with arcade cabinets. Come to our stand to relax and play fun games. Get to know me and my colleagues, and talk to us about app development. And do you know how to beat Pacman? Come and share your secret!”

What are you hoping to learn at Appdevcon?
“I am looking forward to getting new insights into app development and speaking with inspiring app developers.”

What important trends and challenges do you see arising in app development in the next two years?
“Wearable devices will become even more important in the next couple of years. They are already big in the app development world. This year, Apple announced an update for its WatchOS 8, with many big features for Apple Watch users. Google also announced a unified wearables platform. This shows us the upcoming trend in wearable technology.

What does this mean for app developers? We should develop apps that provide an excellent digital experience to users on wearables. This way, we are ready for the future.”

What advice would you give to app developers?
“Come to Appdevcon to share your knowledge and learn from others. Inspire each other by being creative and working together.”