Practical Info for AppDevCon Tutorial Attendees

Practical Info for Appdevcon Tutorial Day Attendees

maart 12th, 2019

On Thursday a part of the appdevcon visitors will gather in Spaces Vijzelstraat Amsterdam for a day of in-depth learning (Note: Tutorials ‘Building native iOS apps with AWS’ (Dennis Hills) and ‘What’s new in Swift 5′ (Daniel Steinberg) are at Pathe de Munt). In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the tutorial day on Thursday. Note that tutorial day requires a separate ticket, if you have a ticket that says ‘Conference Only’ then it does not include the tutorial day.

Most tutorial day attendees also have a ticket for the main conference on Friday (in Pathe De Munt), so read the Practical Info For Conference Attendees too.


spaces vijzelstraatThe tutorial day is at Spaces Vijzelstraat Amsterdam. (Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam, Google Maps Link.

If you come by car, there is a (paid) parking (‘Prins & Keizer’) below the Spaces building, but note that it has a maximum car height of 1m70. Other parkings nearby include Kalvertoren and Bank. Since parking in Amsterdam is expensive, we recommend using public transport instead. The nearest train station is Amsterdam Centraal and there are tram and metro lines (for example metro line 52, stop at ‘Vijzelgracht’) between Amsterdam Centraal and Spaces. (Google maps can tell you the lines).

For general public transport advice: is a helpful site in Dutch and English.

Note: ‘Building native iOS apps with AWS’ (Dennis Hills) and ‘What’s new in Swift 5′ (Daniel Steinberg) are at Pathe de Munt (Vijzelstraat 15)! Check the Practical Info for Conference Attendees for more information about the venue.


We’ll open the doors around 8.30am, at which point we have 30 minutes to get everyone inside and registered. Here’s a heads-up so we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Bring your ticket, either on your phone (prefered) or printed. (We may ask for an ID to confirm it’s your ticket).

Follow the signs to get to the correct room. After registration there’s coffee and tea.

Important: You will need to hold on to your badge until Friday, as we only issue a badge once and it’s valid for 2 days (if you have a 2-day conference ticket).

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a code of conduct that helps us make the conference a welcome and safe place for everyone. You can find the code of conduct here.

The Tutorials

We start at 9.00am sharp. Your badge will tell you what tutorial you are registered for. There are 4 tutorial rooms. People and/or signs will guide you to the correct one. All tutorial rooms have WiFi. There are power outlets, so don’t forget to bring your charger. Even though we have WiFi, it might be best to download any large files that are mentioned in the tutorial prerequisites (see below) beforehand.

Bringing a laptop to be able to follow along with exercises is a good idea. If you don’t have a laptop, just sit with somebody who does and work together. If you download the essential tools beforehand, we’re less likely to overrun the WiFi network.

Feedback and help

Throughout the day, if you need any help, find any of the Egeniq people (we wear recognisable shirts); we’ll be monitoring Twitter as well (follow @appdevconnl on twitter for up to the minute information). Also there’s a slack for the conference where you are welcome to hang out.

That’s all!

We hope this post gives you a heads-up of what to expect on Thursday.

See you thursday,