Practical Information for Conference Attendees (2017)

maart 15th, 2017

On Friday, 300 app developers will gather in Amsterdam Pathé Arena for a day of learning and meeting new friends. In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the conference day on Friday.

If you also have a ticket for the tutorial day, read the Practical Info For Tutorial Attendees too.


pathearenaThe main conference is in Pathé Arena. (Google Maps Link)

If you come by car, the nearest (paid) parking is P6, but any of the parking garages within that vicinity is walking distance. Since parking in Amsterdam is expensive, we recommend using public transport instead. The nearest train station is Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena and there are lines (for example metro line 54) between Amsterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. The Pathe Arena theatre is just outside the trainstation on your left.

For general public transport advice, is a helpful site in Dutch and English. Here’s a useful map of the Amsterdam metro.


We’ll open the doors at 8.15am, at which point we have 45 minutes to get everyone inside and registered. Here’s a heads-up so we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Bring your ticket, either printed or (preferably) on your phone. (We may ask for an ID to confirm it’s your ticket).

The conference is on the upper floor (follow signs to rooms 10-14)

When you exit the escalator, you will find a registration desk to collect your badge. After registration there’s coffee and tea.

If you’ve already received your badge at tutorial day, you do not need to come to the registration desk, you can immediately enter (wear your badge visibly).

The conference

We start at 9.00am sharp. The schedule is published online but all badges have the schedule printed on them for convenience. You can also download the appdevcon apps (for Android and iOS). There is free WiFi so you can look up talk abstracts (but it’s useful to read the abstracts before you go to the conference to plan your day).


Coffee, tea, water and juice are available throughout the conference (no charge). During lunch and the afternoon break we also have a selection of soft drinks (no charge either). During lunch the main lobby can become a little crowded, feel free to take your lunch outside or into the conference rooms.

The Community Lab

In the lounge area next to the main room, you’ll find the Community Lab throughout the day. Representatives of various app developer communities (Appdevcon, Dutch Android User Group and CocoaheadsNL) will be available there to answer questions, become part of their communities, and to chat with fellow developers.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a code of conduct that helps us make the conference a welcome and safe place for everyone. You can find the code of conduct here.

The Appdevcon After Party

When the conference ends, we will head over to Vanzz at De Corridor 2 (1 minute walk from the conference, it’s behind the cinema). Take your appdevcon badge, as they will check this at the entrance. The after party has a few free drinks until we run out of budget, feel free to stay afterwards)!

Feedback and help

Throughout the day, if you need any help, find any of the Egeniq people (we wear recognizable shirts); we’ll be monitoring Twitter as well (follow @appdevconNL on twitter for up to the minute information).

That’s all!

We hope this post gives you a heads-up of what to expect on Friday. We hope you all have at least as much fun as we had organizing the conference!

See you on Friday,