Schedule of 2020

13 March 2020 Conference

Venue: Pathé de Munt
Design & Inspiration Track 1 / Room 11 (Main) Apple Tech Track 2 / Room 9 Google Tech Track 3 / Room 10 Cross Platform Track 4 / Room 12 Backends Track 5 / Room 13
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Great Teams Make Great Things Joe Cieplinski
inspiration keynote
09:40 Room switch 09:40
09:50 Remote Work: Succeeding as a Team Pamela Hill
best practices team
High performance application networking on iOS Donny Wals
iOS performance
Your first AOSP contribution Andrea Falcone
Android aosp
Big rewrite with Kotlin Multiplatform Martin Petruľák
cross platform Kotlin
How To Work with AWS Lambda in Swift Andrea Scuderi
backends serverless Swift
10:40 Coffee break 10:40
11:00 Efficient Android UI Testing Alex Zhukovich
Android testing
Native gotcha’s with Flutter Pieter Otten
cross platform flutter
Ride the Wave: Tuning Resilient Server Architecture Janna Hilferty
backends performance
11:50 Room switch 11:50
12:00 Architecture challenges in big teams Mohammed Abdullatif
architecture iOS
Introducing Jetpack Compose Jolanda Verhoef
Android jetpack Kotlin
Developing multi-platform apps through native shared code Gijs van Veen
cross platform Kotlin
12:30 Lunch 12:30
Best Practices & Architecture Apple Tech Google Tech Security & Quality Future of Apps
13:15 SwiftUI and Combine All The Things Scott Gardner
iOS Swift
Inclusive Mobile app: Develop for ONE, Develop for ALL Matteo Bonifazi
accessibility Android
Integrating Smart Devices with the Google Assistant Daniel Zucker
Google Assistant IoT voice
14:00 Room switch 14:00
14:10 Imperative is dead, long live Declarative! Marco Gomiero
Asynchronous programming with operations in Swift Antoine van der Lee
iOS Swift
Practical Mobile App Attacks by Example Abraham Aranguren
Android iOS security
14:55 Coffee break 14:55
15:15 Removing silos from mobile teams Alex Curran
best practices team
Structured Concurrency, I Accidentally Reinvented It! Vasiliy Zukanov
Android coroutines Kotlin
16:00 Room switch 16:00
16:10 Starting Fresh: The Paradox of Choice Alex Karp
Raise your voice! Lee Boonstra
Google Assistant voice
16:40 Room switch 16:40
16:45 Building A Considerate App Jeff Watkins
inspiration keynote
17:30 Conference closing + after party Appdevcon

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