The schedule of 2018

Friday 16 March 2018 Conference

Design & Inspiration Track 1 / Room 13 (Main) PathéArena Architecture Track 2 / Room 12 PathéArena Apple Tech Track 3 / Room 11 PathéArena Google Tech Track 4 / Room 10 PathéArena Multi Platform Track 5 / Room 9 PathéArena
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Building Better Software by Building Better Teams Ash Furrow
iOS keynote
09:50 Learning A New Language – While Learning A New Language Ellen Shapiro
inspiration lightning talk
MVC VS MVP VS MVVM Marcin Moskała
How to debug like a pro Paul Hudson
Android Developer Options Deep Dive Andrea Falcone
Creating a Flutter App Dylan Drost
cross platform flutter
10:15 Tools that give you Super Powers Zan Markan
lightning talk tools
10:40 Coffee break 10:40
11:00 Boost your app with Machine Learning APIs Laurent Picard
A Tale of Two Platforms: Keeping Android & iOS in Sync Arnaud Camus, Guilherme Branco
Option(al) Is Not A Failure Phil Nash
The Android architecture re-evolution: ViewModel & LiveData Sebastian Lobato Genco
Android architecture
React Native: Buy one get one free?! Thijs Suijten
cross platform reactnative
11:50 Room switch 11:50
12:00 If we can build for astronauts, we can build for everybody Panayotis Tzinis
Building apps at scale Gergely Orosz
Ogres, onions and layers – story about tests at scale Aleksander Grzyb, Ewa Ludwiczak
iOS testing
System.loadLibrary(“Unix, Native Code and why bother”) Julio Zynger
Awesome Native Apps with NativeScript Rowdy Rabouw
cross platform nativescript
12:50 Lunch 12:50
Design & Inspiration Future of Apps Apple Tech Google Tech Backends
13:30 Scalable app design to support tablets and Chromebooks Juhani Lehtimäki, Pierluigi Rufo
Control your voice like a Bene Gesserit Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes
home automation voice control
How to create a sustainable codebase? Antoine van der Lee
best practices iOS
How to test your Android Things code in a clean way with Kotlin James Coggan
IoT Kotlin testing
Full-stack Swift development Joannis Orlandos
Backend Swift
14:20 Room switch 14:20
14:30 Updating your app, the insane way Roel Spruit
best practices
The Power of Blockchain Mark Spanbroek, Stefan van den Oord
Building Apps for Everyone Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats
accessibility i18n iOS
Brace yourself with Android Architecture Components Michelantonio Trizio
Android architecture
Building Mobile Apps, APIs, and Chatbots on AWS Dennis Hills
15:20 Coffee break 15:20
15:40 Living Smarter Not Harder: Building Mobile Products The Happy Way Marcus Wermuth
inspiration product development
Learning how to play the guitar with Actions on Google Joe Birch
home automation voice control
Applicatives – The Forgotten Middle Child Daniel Steinberg
Aww! Artefactories what and why Renu Yadav
Android best practices
Why should I care about serverless? Jan de Vries
Backend serverless
16:40 Getting Started with Failure Sebastiaan de With
17:30 End of activities 17:30

Monday 12 March 2018 Training Days

Monday 12 March Holiday Inn Arena Towers Tuesday 13 March Holiday Inn Arena Towers Wednesday 14 March Holiday Inn Arena Towers
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 A Swift Kickstart
12:30 Lunch 12:30
13:30 13:30
17:00 End of activities 17:00

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