Friday 24 June 2022 Conference Pathé Amsterdam Noord

Appdevcon + Appril
Inspiration Track 1 Apple Tech Track 2 Google Tech Track 3 Future Tech Track 4 Design and Product Ownership Track 5 Hallway track Hallway / Foyer
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Saving elephants with code Thijs Suijten
Inspiration Keynote
09:40 Room switch 09:40
09:50 Tips and Tricks for Independent Contracting Joe Cieplinski
Career development
Building reusable SwiftUI Components Peter Friese
Apple Tech Programming
Modern Android dependency injection Hugo Visser
Android Architecture Programming
Building Smart Home Apps with Google Home Mobile SDK Daniel Zucker, Pierre Delisle
Google Assistant Smart Home
To be announced.To be announced. 09:50
10:40 Coffee break 10:40
11:00 To be announced. Building custom property wrappers for SwiftUI Donny Wals
iOS SwiftUI
Building an Android app with Compose and Firebase Marina da Silva Coelho
Google Tech Programming
Building smarter solutions with no expertise in machine learning Laurent Picard
Machine Learning
Get growing by gaining free publicity Jennifer Delano
App marketing App sales
Tech In Five Podcast Dimitry (DIM) Vleugel
Android Podcast
11:50 Room switch 11:50
12:00 Shipping Side Projects in 2-2-2 Easy Steps Jordi Bruin
Future of Apps Inspiration
WWDC Speedrun Ellen Shapiro
To be announced. AR/VR software and hardware platforms to build on Pieter Siekerman
The 4 phases of optimizing subscription apps Louise Verschuren
Podcast Session 1 Zita Bebenroth, David van der Loo
12:30 Lunch 12:30
Best Practices & Architecture Track 1 Apple Tech Track 2 Google Tech Track 3 Multi platform tech Track 4 Design and Product Ownership Track 5 Hallway track Hallway / Foyer
13:15 Multidisciplinary teams as the key to digital success Ennio Brands, Lotte Nijland
Architecture Inspiration Team
A crash course of async/await Shai Mishali
Swift Concurrency
The art of hiding sensitive info in plain sight George Kortsaridis
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for Sceptics Pamela Hill
Error 404: Color not found Dennie Declercq
App UI App UX
Podcast Session 2 Zita Bebenroth, David van der Loo
14:00 Room switch 14:00
14:10 Imperative is dead, long live Declarative! Marco Gomiero
WWDC Antoine van der Lee
Apple Tech iOS
UI testing of Jetpack Compose apps Alex Zhukovich
Android App UI
Full Stack Swift with Arduino Axel Roest
The inconvenient truth about accessibility Johan Huijkman
Accessible apps
To be announced. 14:10
14:55 Coffee break 14:55
15:15 Through The Looking Glass: Exploring your App Codebase by using Graph Theory Grzegorz Lato
Improving Developer Experience through tools and techniques Krzysztof Zabłocki
Shifting (UI) tests to the far left Georgios Sotiropoulos
App UI
The adoption of Flutter in The Netherlands Johan Pelgrim
Сreativity and bureaucracy: the skill of a tightrope walker Ivan P. Yamshchikov
Leadership Team
To be announced. 15:15
16:00 Room switch 16:00
16:10 The developer’s manual: working with and managing software developers Jeroen Leenarts
State evolution & side-effects management Mohammed Abdullatif
iOS Programming
To be announced. Flutter the rectangle of endless possibility Job Guldemeester
Engineering Beautiful and Accessible Text Mark Pospesel
Accessible apps App UI App UX
To be announced. 16:10
16:40 Room switch 16:40
16:45 Build the Right App Graham Lee
Inspiration Keynote
17:30 Conference closing + After party