Appdevcon 2018

A Tale of Two Platforms: Keeping Android & iOS in Sync

Over the last 4 years, Impraise’s mobile applications have grown with various updates, refactoring and feature changes.
While being a young startup allowed us to “move fast and break things”, we are now at a stage where we are investing on testing, stability and future proof implementations.
Last year, we evaluated the pros and cons of various architectures & frameworks, for both our Android and iOS applications.

Our goal was to find an Architecture:
– Easily testable and maintainable
– Easily adaptable to Android and iOS
– Adoptable without massive refactoring needed
– With an unidirectional flow of events

We adopted `Clean Swift` as a base for our iOS architecture, and adapted it to Android. In this talk, we will show the similarities and differences of our implementations, as well as their advantages and drawbacks.

We also built two Android Studio Templates in order to limit the amount of boilerplate code that we write and we are currently working on open-sourcing them. (Should be open-source by the date of the conference)

16 maart 2018

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