Appdevcon 2017

RxJava 2 for the rest of us

The Reactive Extensions for the JVM, better known as RxJava, have become a popular tool in Android development over the past years. Many new and existing libraries added support for Rx and “reactive” solutions to existing problems popped up over time. RxJava is both known for it’s power and it’s steep learning curve, so if you aren’t using RxJava already, what are you missing out on? Should you even be using RxJava?

In this talk we’ll go over what RxJava is and how you can use it to solve problems in your Android apps, one step at a time. We will discuss how you can prevent shooting yourself in the foot by looking at common mistakes you may make when using RxJava and discussing tips and tricks for keeping your reactive app manageable.

17 maart 2017

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