The art of leadership: Scan your team

The art of leadership: Scan your team

The world in which we operate changes all the time, whether it is new technology, the market situation, client demands or indeed internal changes, new management, a merger etc. Continuously using the collective expertise and intelligence of the team makes it easier to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities.

To understand how to really tap into the potential of your team it is important to know your team, to understand where it is strong and where you need to strengthen it. During this morning session you will scan your team and formulate stapes you can take to become a stronger team.

My goal is that you will walk away at the end of the workshop with a:

  • A fresh perspective on your team .
  • Concrete steps towards a creating a more successful team
  • This morning session is stand-alone, but if you join the afternoon leadership session, you can built on this, by diving into another aspect of leadership.
  • This session is interactive, you won’t need a laptop.


Additional literature: Patrick Lencioni (2012), The Advantage, Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.


Date: 11 March 2020    

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