kemal Selim Tekinarslan

kemal Selim Tekinarslan

Holiday Pirates Gmbh - Senior Android Engineer. at Holiday Pirates Gmbh

Kemal Selim Tekinarslan is an experienced Android engineer with a decade of expertise in developing Android applications. Currently based in Berlin, he works at Holiday Pirates GmbH, focusing on the development of travel applications. With a deep passion for mobile technology and its potential to improve human lives, Kemal actively participates as an attendee at renowned events such as Droidcon series, Android Makers Paris, and ADDC Barcelona. These conferences provide him with valuable insights and inspiration, allowing him to stay updated on the latest advancements in Android development.

To further broaden his horizons, Kemal embarked on an enriching journey across the American continent, exploring new landscapes, cultures, and ideas. During his trip, he had the privilege of visiting Silicon Valley and had the opportunity to step foot in renowned tech giants like Google and Facebook. These experiences have not only expanded his perspectives but also provided him with a deeper understanding of industry trends and practices. Kemal’s thirst for knowledge and diverse experiences drives him to continuously push the boundaries of his craft and make a lasting impact in the field of Android engineering.

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