Lianne Potter

Lianne Potter

Cyber Anthropologist, Head of Security Operations and technology podcast host @ Compromising Positions at Compromising Positions

Lianne is an award-winning cyber anthropologist and security transformation leader with experience in the retail, healthcare, finance, private and non-profit sectors. Her consultancy, The AnthroSecurist, enables teams in complex organisations to understand each other’s motivations, identify barriers that have prevented good security practices in the past, and provide practical steps and insights to increase collaboration between the security team and the rest of the organisation. Lianne is also the Head of SecOps for the largest greenfield technology project in Europe where she builds strategies to create sustainable security cultures throughout the organisation. As a respected speaker, Lianne has delivered talks across the globe to share her vision for a new type of security function. Drawing upon her expertise as an anthropologist, her practical experience as a security-focused software developer and as a security practitioner; Lianne combines the human and the technical aspects of security to evangelise a cultural security transformation.

You can listen to Lianne talk about her human-centric approach every Thursday on her podcast Compromising Positions, in which she interviews non-cybersecurity people from the world of anthropology, psychology and behavioural science about cybersecurity culture.

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