Miss Appril

March 12th, 2019

I know, I find and I match.

If you do not know me yet, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline de Gruijter, most people know me as the initiator of the app-Festival appril and under my Twittername Missappril. I excel in bringing together professionals in the creative tech scene. Through Multimedia LabMk24 and Appril I have built up a huge network over the last twelve years. Driven by my love of creation and inspiring people.

Skilled as creative (art-director/illustrator).  I am pragmatic and specialized in spotting new opportunities. Since 2012 I bring (mobile) App-developers, designers, marketers, communities and investors together. During these meetings ideas are exchanged, new team members scouted, collaborations started and together beautiful products developed.

The result

Until now I have mobilised large groups of professionals during the app Festival and I contributed to the appcommunity. Over 350 events organized or facilitated; result? My address book bulges out with early adaptors, creators and creatives and this is where I would like to get involved. As Miss Appril I will find your ideal match, team member or job.

Learn more about my background, View my LinkedIn profile here or approach me for a cup of coffee to get acquainted.