Introducing: The Other Skills workshops



You are a successful developer and write your code smart and effectively.

However, you notice that you need more to make your ideas a great success. Because software development is a team sport and to make your product a great success, you need other developers to reach the next level of success as a team.

Which skills are essential to get your co-developers enthusiastic and motivated so that you can achieve that success together? You can summarize these skills as  “interpersonal skills”. They range from body language, to emotional intelligence and they have one thing in common, they all revolve around the field of communication. Professionals who manage this well are often successful on multiple levels, both in their careers and in personal life. Getting to know more about this subject is therefore worthwhile.

For (lead) Developers & Founders engaged in developing software, Miss Appril has set up a special series of Training and Workshops that help coders with the “other skills”. Skills that you need when you’re creating software with your team.


Our offer for CTO’s Lead developers and Founders

In addition to the training for developers, there are also a number of specially made workshops for Lead developers, CTO and CEOs who for example, after a promotion, lead a team or decide to start a business. As a team member you are now the supervisor and start wondering how to exactly do this. This training offers newcomers to the management field, and tools to grow.


Topics that are covered during the sessions are:

Dealing with feedback, stress, learning to express yourself better at your workplace, presenting and giving presentations for the team or a customer. Managing your team and dealing with conflict situations. Propagate vision and leadership.


This is what you will get out of it:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively and manage all essential conversation techniques
  • Develop the qualities of you and your team
  • Give your idea wings, influence your team and customer in the right way.


Who are these trainings for?

  • For software developers who want to make an impact with their ideas.
  • Who want to learn to work together and get the best out of themselves.
  • For Founders and Lead developers who just started overseeing a team and want to get the most out of the group. To present and sell ideas to the customer.


The trainers

The workshops are provided by experienced psychologists and trainers who are familiar with software development, all with a practical and pragmatic approach. With this we offer specialists in tech the opportunity to work together with like minded people, tools to learn and grow.


The idea behind the training

From her role as matchmaker, organizer of the app festival and program maker, Jacqueline de Gruyter has been working with creators for over 18 years; creatives and developers. The main thread through her work is strengthening, connecting and inspiring these two groups. She supervises them in the field of work, coaches and offers a network.

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