2 training courses, 6 tutorials and 32 sessions!

The schedule is (almost) complete!

februari 23rd, 2018

It took us a while to sort through all the call for paper entries, but we think we managed to build a balanced schedule from it.

We have 11 more sessions than last year, by adding 3 training days, a 4th tutorial track and a 5th conference day track. Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to do this while keeping the same price level as last year.

Since there are so many sessions to choose from, there’s benefit in coming to appdevcon as a team. That’s why we have a team discount on any order that contains 5 or more tickets. Also, this year you can bring both the backend developers from your team and your designers, since for the first time we’ve added specific design and backend sessions to the schedule!

Have a look at the schedule here.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, we have some still available here!