What’s On Appdevcon

Check out the superb activities taking place at this year’s Appdevcon conference.

Live keynote speakers

Each day, inspiring keynote speakers, outstanding in the world of app development, deliver compelling speeches to our attendees. They will encourage you, as an app developer, to further improve and innovate in your career. You’ll gain practical insights and boost your professional advancement.


Wherever you are in your career, whether you are a starter or a senior, this year’s presentations will give you the information you need to move up the ladder. Pioneers, leaders and influencers will dive deep into business, app and career development topics. Ideal for developers, creators, UX designers and app lovers!

Interactive workshops

Are you into attending interactive workshops led by expert speakers? During the four training, tutorial and conference days, we offer you the possibility to deepen your knowledge and skills across all elements of app development.


Appdevcon wants to give you the opportunity to meet other professionals in the app development industry. Would you like to share ideas, fast-track your career, or just talk to other developers, creators, UX designers and app lovers? At Appdevcon, we’ve created a hub for networking where you can meet and engage with influencers, leaders and other professionals in the app development industry.

Closing party

Spend some time with your colleagues and make new connections during our fun closing party on Friday evening!


Are you triggered by certain presentations during the conference? Some of them will be filmed. Curious already? You can check videos of the last episodes on our video page.