Advantages and disadvantages of being a developer

A career with a high salary, solving world problems every day and appreciation from society. Working as a developer seems to be the holy grail.

However, there are also disadvantages to working as a developer. We have listed the most mentioned advantages and disadvantages for you here. Handy to explain exactly what you do on birthdays. Or if you have the skills and are considering doing something with it.

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Benefits of being a developer

  1. There is a lot of demand- For a good developer, it is easy to find a job. Actually in all domains: support, development and testing. By gaining more experience and broadening knowledge, it is possible to be even more attractive.
  2. Satisfaction- You create something every day. This can cause moments of frustration. And provide a lot of satisfaction in the long term. Certainly when the team and the rest of your organization appreciate what you do.
  3. Compensation – Generally it is good to earn as a developer. This gives you much more freedom than in other professions. At the same time, this depends on the experience and talent you have.
  4. Working as a freelancer- The profession of developer lends itself perfectly to being a freelancer. This way you make contacts in different organizations and you decide for yourself at what moments you take a vacation. A career is full of freedom.
  5. Entrepreneurship- Developers are often also entrepreneurs. Start your own SaaS and generate stable monthly income based on a subscription model.
  6. Change- We live in a world when everything is constantly changing, developers have more to do with this. There are always new programming languages. Are you in your twenties or thirties? Then it is easier to deal with change. In the future, this will cause problems faster and it will be more difficult to remain flexible.

Disadvantages of being a developer

  1. Stuck- Coding is sometimes quite complex. Sometimes you are stuck, with a problem that you do not immediately know the solution. In some cases, this means that the organization expects you to solve it or get it sorted out in the future. This can cause a lot of frustration in the short term. At the same time, this can ultimately provide satisfaction if it works.
  2. Responsibility- Failed to fix certain bugs at 5:00 PM. Then it is attractive to continue working for a few more hours. Some developers find it difficult to put this sense of responsibility aside on days off or evenings.

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