Schedule 2024

15 March 2024 Conference Pathé Amsterdam Noord

Inspiration Apps 1 Apple Tech Apps 2 Google Tech Apps 3 Architecture Apps 4 Multi platform Tech Apps 5 Best Practices Web 1
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Networking Boost: Upgrade Your Conference Experience! Lirone Glikman
09:40 Room switch 09:40
09:50 Getting our European Accessibility Act together Laura Broekstra
Elevate your style with SwiftUI 💅 Ibrahima Ciss
Swift Swiftui
A Guide to Android Background Work Paolo Rotolo
Decoding OAuth and OpenID Connect for Mobile Developers Chrystian Vieyra Cortes
Android iOS Security
Cross-platform development explained: mastering Flutter for Android professionals Vadym Pinchuk
Android Best-practice Flutter
(Ab)user Experience: The dark side of Product and Security Jeff Watkins, Lianne Potter
10:35 Coffee break 10:35
10:55 Boost Mobile UX with UX Design Principles and Best Practices Miklos Philips
Best practices Design
Hiding our iOS App Secrets Avi Tsadok
iOS Security
Creating Engaging Android TV and Fire TV Apps with Native and Cross-Device Tools Giovanni Laquidara
Android Tv
How to build future-proofed applications Peter van Vliet
Android Architecture iOS
A Flutterful journey into micro-interactions – elevating user experience Elvira Leveque
Design Ui
A pragmatic approach to API Contract Testing Beppe Catanese
11:40 Room switch 11:40
11:50 The 3 Ws of Sustainable IT and Green Software Saravanan K Nagarajan
TCA: Path towards Building Better SwiftUI Apps Muralidharan Kathiresan
Architecture iOS
Enhancing Network Communication in Android: Transitioning from REST to GraphQL kemal Selim Tekinarslan
Android Graphql
Architecting for Tomorrow: A Pragmatic Perspective Marcel Schutte
Leveraging Custom Machine Learning Models to level up Flutter Apps Akanksha Singh
AI Flutter
We need to talk about sitting Laura Broekstra
Health Inspiration
12:20 Lunch 12:20
Inspiration Apps 1 Apple Tech Apps 2 Google Tech Apps 3 App Best Practice Apps 4 Multi platform Tech Apps 5 Best Practices Web 1
13:15 What Can We Do Without AI in the Future? Emad Ghorbaninia
AI Future
Typestate – the new Design Pattern in Swift 5.9 Alex Ozun
iOS Swift
Exploring Kotlin Symbol Processing: A Practical Guide Dean Djermanović
Android Kotlin
Translate your way out of the documents jungle. Ennio Brands
Android iOS Web
How to pick the right mobile technology Elaine Dias Batista
Cypress, Playwright or Selenium: choosing the right testing tool Soumaya Erradi
14:00 Room switch 14:00
14:10 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Developing Accessible Apps Akanksha Singh
The magical model manager – SwiftData Daniel Steinberg
iOS Swift
Why is adaptive layout a nightmare? Gerard Paligot, David Ta
Android Ui
Code Security Reinvented: Navigating the era of AI Tug Grall
Android iOS
Hi, have you met Kotlin Multiplatform? Marco Gomiero
Crossplatform Kmp
Demystifying Privacy Preserving Computing Tejas Chopra
Privacy Security
14:55 Coffee break 14:55
15:15 A look at visionOS & Vision Pro, or why it’s January 9, 2007 again. Manuel Carrasco Molina
AR Future
SwiftUI Performance for Demanding Apps Aviel Gross
Swift Swiftui
Practical Patterns for Kotlin Coroutines in Production Marcin Moskała
Android Kotlin
Mobile Developer Productivity Engineering at Europe’s Largest Online Fashion Store Hakkim Alavudeen
Android iOS
Best Practices for Developing Amazing Kotlin Multiplatform Apps Pamela Hill
Crossplatform Kmp
Wearable, Shareable… Unbearable? The IoT and AI Tech Nobody Asked For but Cybercriminals Love! Jeff Watkins, Lianne Potter
16:00 Room switch 16:00
16:10 Simplicity in Complexity: Make Simple Apps with Complex Business Rules Burcu K. Kutluay
Design your app for offline working Avi Tsadok
Java 17 on Android – why you should care Thomas Künneth
War Stories in Building and Launching Google Nest’s Newest Optimized Camera Experience Daniel Zucker
DevOps at Netflix Tejas Chopra
16:40 Room switch 16:40
16:50 A Developer Goes to the Movies Simon Painter
17:30 Closing note 17:30
17:45 After Party 17:45

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