Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, not featured here, please contact us.

What will I learn?2022-05-09T06:45:31+00:00

The agenda of Appdevcon & Appril 2022 covers all aspects of app growth. This will help you learn about the whole process, from acquisition to retention. We also offer specialist zones, an App Store optimisation zone, a user acquisition zone, and a product and engagement zone.

Our specialist zones allow you to dive even deeper into your favourite topics. In the App Store optimisation zone, you will learn all about organic results, including App Store assets, A/B testing and Apple Search Ads. Interested in creative testing, SKAdNetwork implementation, or app marketing automation? Then the user acquisition zone is where you need to be. Finally, our product and engagement zone will put more focus on mobile CRM, UX and design, personalisation and retention benchmarking.

What types of sessions will be available during the event?2022-05-09T06:44:47+00:00

Appdevcon & Appril 2022 offers you talks, workshops and panels. You can read exactly what this means below.

Inspiring presentations related to the most important aspects of the app marketing landscape. These talks allow you to take a deep dive into app growth, from acquisition to retention and everything in between. Join these sessions and get inspired by our industry heavyweights!

Our tutorials or workshops provide you with the opportunity to dive even deeper into a topic, learn about case studies, or to simply learn something new. Our workshop leaders provide you with actionable insights to implement into your own projects.

We have carefully curated interactive panels to showcase our key themes from many different perspectives. Do you want to get your questions answered? Our panels offer a fantastic line-up of industry leaders who will share their experiences and thoughts on a range of app growth topics.

I would like to join the event with my whole team. Do we get a discount?2022-05-09T06:44:08+00:00

Discounts for large groups can be requested by email (team@appdevcon.nl or team@apprilfestival.nl).

Will images be taken during the event?2022-05-09T06:43:27+00:00

Yes, one or two photographers will be present at Appdevcon & Appril. We also make an aftermovie. Don’t want to be photographed? Please indicate this to the photographer.

What is the mission of Appdevcon & Appril?2022-05-09T06:43:01+00:00

The Appdevcon & Appril event was created to inspire, connect and inform all those interested and involved in app development.

Can I be a volunteer?2022-05-09T06:42:39+00:00

We are always looking for volunteers. Would you like to help us? Sign up as a volunteer by emailing team@appdevcon.nl or team@apprilfestival.nl.

I would like to register as a speaker for next year. How do I do that?2022-05-09T06:42:02+00:00

Every year, we publish a ‘call for presentations’ on our website. As soon as we do, you will be able to register. Do you wish to be informed as soon as our call for speakers opens for next year? Keep an eye on our website or send an email to team@appdevcon.nl or team@apprilfestival.nl.

What is the difference between Appril and Appdevcon?2022-05-09T06:41:27+00:00

Appril is a ‘track’ that takes place on the conference day itself. This track focuses mostly on the users of apps, which could be interesting to marketers, designers and business consultants. In contrast, Appdevcon is more focused on the development of apps.

What is the schedule for the conference?2022-05-09T06:40:54+00:00

We have published the full schedule for the Appdevcon & Appril 2022 conference. Broadly speaking, the four-day conference program is scheduled as follows:

Days 1 and 2: soft skills
Day 3: booked tutorials
Day 4: conference

What is the address of the conference?2022-05-09T06:39:58+00:00

The event will take place at the Pathé Amsterdam Noord Movie Theater in Amsterdam, which is at the Buikslotermeerplein 2003. This location is easily accessible by car, train, bus or taxi.

Is there any place where I could leave my jacket during the event?2022-05-09T06:39:12+00:00

Yes, there is! Our venue has an unguarded cloakroom.

Does the event offer any seats for a break or places where you can have lunch?2022-05-09T06:38:48+00:00

Appdevcon & Appril 2022 has a large terrace where you can take a break or have lunch in the open air.

Why is the event taking place in the Pathé building in Amsterdam North?2022-05-09T06:38:08+00:00

For a major event like Appdevcon & Appril, a large location that is easily accessible for everyone is required. Considering this is the largest and most spacious cinema in Amsterdam, it is a very suitable location.

I bought tickets for Appdevcon & Appril 2020, but the event was cancelled. Can I still use these tickets?2022-05-09T06:37:27+00:00

If you bought tickets for our event in 2020, you may use those tickets to gain access to the Appdevcon & Appril event in June 2022.

Must I show any proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative coronavirus test when visiting the conference?2022-05-09T06:36:39+00:00

No. Since Friday 25th of February 2022, showing us the CoronaCheck app is no longer necessary.

Has Appdevcon taken extra measures with regard to air ventilation?2022-05-09T06:35:52+00:00

The event is held in the Pathé building in Amsterdam North. The air ventilation of this venue complies with all laws and regulations. In fact, we are even above the legal standards! The air in the rooms does not circulate; it is completely refreshed every ten minutes.

As a bonus, our rooms are equipped with a complete climate treatment system! This keeps them nice and cool at all times, even in summer.

Where can I find my invoice/receipt?2022-03-25T12:01:19+00:00

You will receive your invoice / receipt with your booking confirmation. If you would like to request another copy, please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

The trainings/tutorials I wanted is fully booked, wil it be available to view after the event?2022-03-25T12:03:44+00:00

Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of some of our trainings/tutorials, these sessions will not be recorded. The conference sessions are on the video page.

I have special dietary requirement, wi these be catered for?2022-04-24T08:54:26+00:00

Yes, if you have specific requirements please ensure you email team@appdevcon.nl.

When will I receive/collect my pass?2022-03-21T07:10:31+00:00

Your pass/badge will be available for pick up when registration opens on Day 1 of the event.

If I am unable to attend the event, can I send someone else in my place?2022-04-24T08:00:15+00:00

Yes, you can allocate your ticket to a colleague. Please inform us if you decide to do this so we can change the registration details on our system.

Please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Are the presentation slides available post event?2022-04-24T08:00:33+00:00

This is up to the speaker’s discretion. Speakers will share how to receive the slides post event. Some off the presentations are filmed. The videos are available on our video page.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?2022-04-24T08:54:43+00:00

A refund is applicable if you cancel 90 days before the event. Please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Will there be a first aide on site?2022-03-21T07:11:21+00:00

There will be a first aider onsite. Please notify the organisers or venue staff in case of a medical emergency.

Will there be somewhere I can store my bags and coats?2022-03-25T12:05:16+00:00

There will be a chargeable cloakroom available.

Is there a mothering room?2022-04-29T10:35:37+00:00

We can provide a space if required. For more information please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Is there a prayer room?2022-04-29T10:35:43+00:00

We can provide a space if required. For more information please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Will food be provided?2022-03-21T07:11:42+00:00

Food and beverages will be available for purchase during the event but lunch is included in the tickets.

What is the dress code?2022-03-21T07:11:38+00:00

We recommend smart casual for the event.

What time schould I arrive?2022-03-21T07:12:51+00:00

Registration opens every day at 08:30

What time does the event start and finisch?2022-04-24T08:55:03+00:00

Five days – 08:30 – 17:30.

What will I receive ahead of the event?2022-03-21T06:51:12+00:00

You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing your ticket. We will email you fortnightly and weekly leading up to the event. You will receive speaker, content & event-specific information. In the lead-up to Appdevcon, your ticket and confirmation number will be sent to your inbox. Please print this and bring it with you to the conference so that you can collect your badge from the kiosks at registration.

How do I sign up to trainings, workshops or tutorials?2022-03-25T12:05:54+00:00

If you have purchased a training ticket you will receive an email 2 weeks before the event with the questions about which one you want to attend.

I am a student, can I recieve a discount?2022-03-21T07:12:34+00:00

We offer a limited number of student discounts. Please take a look at our tickets sale for availability.

Can I register for a one day pass?2022-03-21T07:12:30+00:00

Yes, you can buy tickets for the conference or training only.

Can tickets be purchased on the event day?2022-03-21T07:12:26+00:00

No, tickets must be purchased before the event.

Please ensure all tickets are booked prior to the event by Paydro online.

Questions about Corona2022-04-24T08:56:38+00:00

We are getting several questions about the Corona virus and its impact on Appdevcon. Luckily, The Netherlands so far has not seen any Corona casualties. We are however closely following news reports and we are monitoring what the RIVM, the Dutch authority on disease control, is advising to conference organisers. According to the RIVM we do not currently need to take any specific measurements and Appdevcon will proceed as planned. We will re-evaluate this if the situation changes.

So far only one session was canceled because the speaker’s country of origin had imposed travel restrictions, and this session will be replaced.

If you have purchased an Appdevcon ticket but you are in a country that has imposed travel restrictions, you can contact us for a refund of your ticket or a conversion to an Appdevcon 2022 ticket.