Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between Webdevcon and Appdevcon?2023-11-24T12:05:17+01:00

Appdevcon is a conference for developers. It has always focused on the most technical aspects of the development process, with tracks specific to Android and iOS developers. Webdevcon is for web, API and backend development.

What will I learn?2023-11-24T12:05:44+01:00

The agenda of Appdevcon covers all aspects of app development. This will help you learn about the whole process, from connecting and design, via development, to user acquisition to retention. We have five different tracks, each covering a certain aspect of app development.

Our training and tutorial days allow you to dive even deeper into your favourite topics.

What types of sessions will be available during the event?2023-11-24T15:26:55+01:00

Appdevcon Conference offers you talks, tutorials and training sessions. You can read exactly what this means below.

Inspiring presentations related to the most important aspects of the app landscape. These talks allow you to take a deep dive into app development, from connecting and design, via development and QA to user acquisition and retention and everything in between. Join these sessions and get inspired by our industry heavyweights! The talks are held on the conference day, on Friday.

Our half-day tutorials on Thursday provide you with the opportunity to dive even deeper into a topic. They are all hands-on sessions, so bring your laptop!

Training days
The training days on Tuesday and Wednesday are in-depth full-day training sessions. There are 3 different topics to choose from.

I would like to join the event with my whole team. Do we get a discount?2023-11-24T12:06:07+01:00

We encourage using the conference as a team building event. Since we not only cover development but also have topics surrounding app design and QA, you can bring your whole team! To encourage team visits, we have discounts available for larger groups. These can be requested by email team@appdevcon.nl.

Will images be taken during the event?2023-11-24T12:06:31+01:00

Yes, one or two photographers will be present at Appdevcon Conference and there’s a video crew who record sessions and make an aftermovie. Don’t want to be photographed or filmed? Please get an orange ticker at the reception desk and place it visibly on your badge. We will try to avoid taking pictures of people with orange stickers; if they do end up on a picture we will try to blur them.

What is the mission of Appdevcon?2023-11-24T12:10:25+01:00

The Appdevcon Conference is created to inspire, connect and inform all those interested and involved in app development.

Can I be a volunteer?2023-11-24T12:10:51+01:00

We are always looking for volunteers. Would you like to help us? Sign up as a volunteer by emailing team@appdevcon.nl.

I would like to register as a speaker for next year. How do I do that?2023-11-24T12:11:16+01:00

Every year, we publish a ‘call for presentations’ on our website. As soon as we do, you will be able to submit proposals. Do you wish to be informed as soon as our call for speakers opens for next year? Keep an eye on our website or follow us on twitter, where we’ll announce the call for presentations for next year.

What is the schedule for the conference?2023-11-24T12:11:53+01:00

We have published the full schedule for the Appdevcon & Appril 2022 conference. Broadly speaking, the four-day conference program is scheduled as follows:

Days 1 and 2: in-depth full-day training days
Day 3: half-day tutorials
Day 4: conference

What is the address of the conference?2023-12-13T18:06:32+01:00

The conference will take place at the Pathé Amsterdam Noord Movie Theater in Amsterdam, which is at the Buikslotermeerplein 2003, Amsterdam.

Is there any place where I could leave my jacket during the event?2023-11-24T12:12:39+01:00

Yes, there is! Our venue has a cloakroom. Although there will be staff present, usage is still at your own risk.

Does the event offer any seats for a break or places where you can have lunch?2023-11-24T12:13:00+01:00

Lunch is served in the venue. There will be enough space across two floors for people to mingle, meet and eat.

Pathé Amsterdam Noord also has a large terrace where you can take a break or have lunch in the open air if weather permits.

Why is the event taking place in the Pathé building in Amsterdam North?2023-11-24T12:13:19+01:00

For a major event like Appdevcon, a large location that is easily accessible for everyone is required. Considering this is the largest and most spacious cinema in Amsterdam, it is a very suitable location.

Historically Appdevcon has always been held in cinema’s. There is a special atmosphere in a cinema, with big screens and comfy seats, that give Appdevcon it’s own culture.

At Pathé Amsterdam Noord we have the best of both worlds: it’s a cinema like Appdevcon has always used, but it also has a large event lounge which we’ll use for people to mingle and meet.

Where can I find my invoice/receipt?2023-11-24T12:14:24+01:00

You will receive your invoice / receipt with your booking confirmation. If you would like to request another copy, please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

The training/tutorial I wanted is fully booked, wil it be available to view after the event?2023-11-24T15:27:13+01:00

Unfortunately due to the hands-on nature of some of our trainings/tutorials, these sessions will not be recorded. The Friday conference sessions are recorded however. The sessions of previous years are on the video page. The sessions of this year’s event will be published a few weeks after the conference.

I have special dietary requirements, will these be catered for?2023-11-24T12:16:49+01:00

Our lunch is typically buffet style and caters to various diets. However if you have specific requirements please ensure you email team@appdevcon.nl.

When will I receive/collect my badge?2023-11-24T12:17:08+01:00

For the training days a badge is not needed. Thursday tutorial day and Friday conference day visitors can collect their badge in the morning from 8.30 at the entrance of the conference.

If I am unable to attend the event, can I send someone else in my place?2023-11-24T12:18:05+01:00

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to a colleague. Please inform us if you decide to do this so we can change the registration details on our system and send your colleague a new ticket with the correct name.

Please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Are the presentation slides available post event?2023-12-13T18:04:27+01:00

Unless a speaker objects, we publish the slides alongside the audio of the session. In track 1 we also film the presenters. The recordings will be made available on our video page.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?2023-11-24T12:19:30+01:00

A full refund is issued if you cancel up to 30 days before the event. Please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Will there be first aid on site?2023-11-24T12:30:40+01:00

The venues are responsible for ensuring first aid staff availability. We will rely on the venue’s expertise regarding this topic. Please notify the venue staff in case of a medical emergency.

Will there be somewhere I can store my bags and coats?2023-11-24T12:30:54+01:00

There will be a cloakroom available, free of charge. Although there is staff near the cloakroom, use of the cloakroom is at your own risk.

Is there a mothering room?2023-11-24T12:31:21+01:00

We can provide a space if required. For more information please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Is there a prayer room?2023-11-24T12:31:41+01:00

We can provide a space if required. For more information please contact team@appdevcon.nl.

Will food be provided?2023-11-24T12:32:04+01:00

Coffee, tea and water will be available free of charge throughout the event, as well as lunch and various snacks during the breaks. During lunch there will also be orange juice and other drinls.

If you want anything outside what’s offered by the conference, you can purchase items at the hotel’s (in the case of Tuesday to Thursday) or the cinema’s (in the case of Friday) facilities.

What is the dress code?2023-11-24T12:32:21+01:00

There is no dresscode, we recommend casual clothing that is comfortable all day long. Just ensure your clothing choices are in line with our code of conduct.

What time should I arrive?2023-11-24T12:32:39+01:00

Registration opens every day at 08:30, sessions start at 9.00 am.

What time does the event start and finish?2023-11-24T12:33:02+01:00

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the event is done at 17.00h. On Friday, the conference closes at 17.30 but there’s an after party immediately afterwards. There is no strict end to the after party, but the bar closes at midnight.

What will I receive ahead of the event?2023-11-24T12:33:24+01:00

An invoice and the tickets will be sent to the person who has made the purchase. Prior to the event you may receive one or more e-mails with information and updates surrounding the conference.

How do I sign up to trainings, workshops or tutorials?2023-11-24T15:27:34+01:00

If you purchase a training ticket you can indicate during booking which session you want to attend. For Friday’s conference session this is not necessary, but given the smaller scale, classroom type setup of the Tuesday to Thursday sessions, it is required to select which sessions you want to attend.

If you purchased a ticket before the program was finalised, we will contact you to make your selection as soon as the schedule is completed.

I am a student, can I receive a discount?2023-11-24T12:35:15+01:00

We offer a limited number of student discounts. Please take a look at our ticket shop for availability. Upon arrival at the event, you may be asked for proof that you are indeed entitled to the student discount.

Can I register for a one day pass?2023-11-24T12:35:33+01:00

Yes, you can buy tickets for each day of the event individually, subject to availability.

Can tickets be purchased on the event day?2023-11-24T12:35:52+01:00

No, tickets must be purchased online before the event takes place.

Please ensure all tickets are booked prior to the event via our ticket shop.