About Appdevcon

Appdevcon is a conference by app developers, for app developers. We have four days with multiple tracks, designed in such a way that whether you’re an Android, iOS, Windows, Web, TV or other app developer, there’s always at least one session that should be of interest. The venue is great, it’s the Pathé Amsterdam Noord Movie Theater in Amsterdam. We expect around 1000 attendees. The code of conduct for our conference can be found here.

Training – & Tutorial – & Conference venue (TUE, WED, THU, FRI)

Pathe Amsterdam Noord
Buikslotermeerplein 2003
1025 XL Amsterdam

Getting to the venue

Pathé Amsterdam Noord is in the North business district of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is easily accessible no matter what your chosen means of transport is. Click on the icons below to find out how to access the Pathé Amsterdam Noord by car, air, train, bus or taxi.

Pathé Amsterdam Noord is a 3 minutes walk from a metro station. Take metro line 52 from Amsterdam CS to North for 2 stops. You exit the metro at metro station Noord. When you exit the metro station, go southeast on Termini towards King’s Cross. After you walk over the bridge, you will see Pathé Amsterdam Noord right in front of you.
Every taxi company in Amsterdam can bring you to Pathé Amsterdam Noord. Just say you want to go to Pathé Amsterdam Noord and the taxi will drop you as close to the entrance as possible.
A very Dutch way to go the Appdevcon, is by bike. You can rent an OV-bike with a OV-chipcard. Exit Amsterdam CS station at the north side (also called the IJ-zijde), and go to the left to get to the OV-bikes station. When you have a bike, to towards the water and take the free ferry to the other side (ferry Centraal station – Buiksloterweg). Get on the nice bike-route with the water on your right. The route will make a slide turn to the left after around 300 meters. After that slide turn, you can take the first street to the left. No worries about the do-not-enter board, it is only for cars.

You will now get the water on your right side again. After 500 meters there will be a bridge going over the water. There is also a bike-route going under the bridge. Take that bike-route and continue with the water on your right for 450 meters. By then, it is time to go over the bridge across the water.

Right after you crossed the water, cross the route via the bike-lights to the left. You can now cycle on area that has a walking-area-sign. You are allowed to also cycle the bike here, so just go ahead.

After around 250 meters, keep to the right. And then take the first right, a bridge over a road and metro-line. Go left right after crossing the bridge and follow the road for around 775 meters. You will then be at a t-junction, which you need to go left.
Cycle straight ahead for around 700 meters and you will see Pathé Amsterdam Noord at your right.

Amsterdam CS is about a 20 minutes train drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The website from Schiphol will provide you with all the flight arrival and departure information that you need.

Pathé Amsterdam Noord is easily accessible by car and parking is possible in the vicinity of the theater.

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AppDevcon Crew

We are developers, creators, UX designers and app lovers. Our team is 99% made of Egeniq. In a nutshell, we develop great mobile apps, responsive websites and solid backend APIs. We also support customers that have their own development team, and even other app developers. We are committed to making Appdevcon a great conference. We are all community people and we want to be as close to you as possible.

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