Appdevcon 2024 will have a twist

As the eleventh edition of Appdevcon, the largest app conference in the Netherlands, approaches, there is an air of excitement in the tech community. This year Appdevcon promises to be a little different from its predecessors, setting the stage for an unique and transformative experience. Join us as we dive into what makes Appdevcon 2024 stand out in the world of app development, and explore the changes that are being made in this ever changing industry.

This year Appdevcon will not be alone. Three conferences will be combined in one building and are turned into one big developer event. Which gives the visitor an even better view on the industry. The three conferences will be the Dutch PHP Conference, Webdevcon and Appdevcon. The whole week will be in Amsterdam. There are 8-12 rooms hired for this event in Pathé Amsterdam Noord. You do not want to miss this. Tickets are available on the website. We would love to see you there.

If you are not only interested in app development but have a passion for sharing your knowledge and expertise with an eager audience, and you have a compelling story to tell or a valuable insight to impart, then we have an invitation for you. Our upcoming event is currently open for guest speaker applications, and you can still secure a spot. However, the clock is ticking, and the opportunity to be a part of our event as a guest speaker is limited. Do not hesitate to apply if you have a story to tell, insights to share, or a perspective to inspire. Your voice can make a difference, and we look forward to receive your application.

This year’s Appdevcon is really something you do not want to miss. We would love to see you there.