Practical information for Appdevcon Conference attendees (Friday)

Next week, over 1000 developers will gather in Pathé Amsterdam Noord for a day of learning and meeting new friends. In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the conference day on Friday.

If you also have a ticket for the tutorial day, read the Practical Info For Tutorial Attendees too.


The main conference is in Pathé Amsterdam Noord. (Google Maps Link)

If you come by public transport, the nearest train station is Amsterdam Central Station. You can take Metro 52 from Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Noord, journey time is just 5 minutes. Walking from the station to the cinema is also just a few minutes.

For general public transport advice, is a helpful site in Dutch and English.

If you come by car, there are several public parkings in the area of the cinema; P1 is the nearest (but also the smallest). Since parking in Amsterdam is expensive, we recommend using public transport instead.


Enter via the main Pathé Cinema entrance (balloon pillars). We’ll open the doors at 8.30am, at which point we have 30 minutes to get everyone inside and registered. Here’s a heads-up so we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Bring your ticket, on your phone (preferred) or printed. (We may ask for an ID to confirm it’s your ticket). We will scan your ticket and hand out a badge. The badges will be sorted on lastname, look closely to check which registration desk will hold your badge. If you purchased a student ticket, also bring some proof that you are a student, such as a college card. After registration there’s coffee and tea.

Multi day ticket holders: If you’ve already received your badge at tutorial day, you do not need a new badge, we will just check your badge and you can enter.

Reusable conference cup

Every conference attendee receives a reusable cup, because of new regulations and reduction of disposable cups, everyone can use this cup during the day and you can take it with you as a souvenir! 

The sessions

We start at 9.00am sharp. The schedule is published online and on big screens in the venue. The best way to view the schedule is to download the Appdevcon app (for Android and iOS). The app allows you to up front mark sessions in each time slot as favourite and then have a tailor made schedule that tells you which room to go to and when.

Code of Conduct & Prayer Room

We have adopted a code of conduct that helps us make the conference a welcome and safe place for everyone. You can find the Code of Conduct here. It is important that all speakers, sponsors and attendees adhere to this code of conduct.

There is also a prayer room (facing south-east) available. Ask at the service desk/information desk if you want to use this.

Badge scanning

Each badge has a QR code, which contains a unique id. Sponsors and speakers can scan this QR code to collect your contact details. The QR itself does not contain personal details. Only registered sponsors and speakers can use the scanned ids to collect contact information. By having your QR scanned by a sponsor or speaker you agree to have your contact details shared with that speaker or sponsor.


This year, we have also added an unconference to the schedule. As always, the agenda will be made on the spot and you can sign up if you want to share your expertise, knowledge and skills with the community. The best unconference speaker, also gets a time slot for our next conference in 2025!  You can find the unconference room in the event lounge. 

Photo and video

We will take pictures and videos at the conference and publish those in our social media channels and on our website. If you do not want to appear in such pictures or video’s, you can collect an orange sticker from the registration desk which you can put on your badge. We’ll try to avoid taking pictures of people with an orange sticker. In photo’s where orange stickers appear, we will blur or cut out any recognizable persons.

The After Party

When the conference ends, we will head over to the Hollywood Cafe downstairs. Take your Appdevcon badge, as they will check this at the entrance. Every attendee will get 2 drink tickets in exchange for your badge). If you want to keep your badge as a collector’s item, just let us know and you will still get drink tickets. We just want to prevent waste. 


We have a slack environment where you can discuss with other attendees and speakers, before, during and after the conference.

If you want to discuss the conference on social media, please use hashtags #appdevcon and/or tag our conference (@Appdevcon)

Feedback and help

Throughout the day, if you need any help, find any of the Egeniq or Ibuildings people (we wear recognizable shirts) or come to the registration desk.

That’s all!

We hope this post gives you a heads-up of what to expect on Friday. We hope you all have at least as much fun as we had organizing the conference!

See you on Friday,

Appdevcon, Webdevcon & Dutch PHP Conference