Animating Apps using MotionLayout

Animating Apps using MotionLayout

ConstraintLayout & MotionLayouts helps easily flatten your layouts by avoiding nesting contents and minimising complex view hierarchy. MotionLayout is new entry in this segment which helps you implement beautiful animations & transitions without writing complex code & tricky maths. This workshop will cover following topics:

– Quick introduction to ConstraintLayout
– Getting Started with MotionLayout
– Introduction to ConstraintSet & MotionScenes
– Implementing Custom attributes, image transitions, keyframes
– We will build smaller sets of applications in order to neatly understand above connects.
– Limitations of ConstraintSet animations

In this sessions you can expect to do some hands on exercises with your laptop. If you dont have a laptop, you can work together with one of the other attendees.

Date: 14 March 2019    

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