Architecting for Tomorrow: A Pragmatic Perspective

In this session, I explore the transformation to becoming a more effective architect through pragmatism. Drawing inspiration from “The Pragmatic Programmer” book, I discuss the core principles of pragmatic architecture, striking a balance between complexity and simplicity. I emphasize adaptive decision-making with “Just-in-time” and “Just-enough-architecture” while promoting a culture of learning through the “Fail-fast” approach.

I encourage architects to think big and start small, fostering adaptability with the Elsa Mindset. The Asoh Defense principle underscores the importance of taking responsibility for mistakes. Throughout, we stress the significance of effective communication in successful architectural endeavors. In conclusion, embracing pragmatism equips architects with valuable tools to make informed decisions, adapt to change, and efficiently deliver value to clients.


Session info:

Speaker: Marcel Schutte

Lead Solution Architect, Sogeti Nederland at Sogeti Nederland BV

Date: 15 March 2024

Time: 11:50 - 12:20

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