Asynchronous Programming with RxSwift

Presented at mdevcon 2016. “”Reactive Extensions are an interesting abstraction and are one of the most used frameworks in C#. Swift opened a lot of doors and the possibility to have a real port on iOS and Mac platforms became reality.

RxSwift is still a young framework, but is gaining new users daily and this talk has the goal to introduce iOS and Mac developers to the world of the Rx covering:

– Why RxSwift
– The Rx philosophy
– Foundation of RxSwift
– Design an app with RxSwift and MVVM

The goal is to show how asynchronous programming can be simple and fun with RxSwift, but also how powerful and mind-changer is the framework.”

Junior is a product engineer living in Switzerland, currently based in Z├╝rich. He mainly writes softwares for iOS and Mac, but in past worked with many other technologies.
In the free time he helps building RxSwift, he organizes events and meetups for SwissMobiDevs and also works on side projects, always exploring what is new in the industry.


Session info:

Speaker: Junior Bontognali

Date: 18 March 2016

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

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