Building powerful Android apps with AWS Amplify

Parkmobile is the leading provider of parking solutions in The Netherlands. It is currently operating in 11 countries and our apps are used by more than 9 million of customers worldwide. During the last years Parkmobile started the process to become a cloud native company using Amazon Web Services infrastructure. This new scenario opens to the Android team new possibilities like benefit from GraphQL API’s which could improve the user experience and performance of our apps. AWS Amplify SDK for Android is a development SDK to support Android app development. In the recent AWS re:Invent event, AWS announced new SDK Amplify capabilities, like Datastore feature, which enhance offline app features.In this talk, I will walk through the process of the integration of AWS Amplify in Android apps. I will describe the SDK primary features, together with the SDK ups and downs. Also, I want to share practical tips on building mobile apps using AWS Amplify SDK which we faced in Parkmobile Android team.

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Speaker: César Izquierdo Tello

Software Engineer at PARK NOW

Date: 27 October 2020

Time: 11:00 - 11:50

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Android AWS Tools

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