The developer’s manual: working with and managing software developers

As a product owner, manager or designer you are supposed to understand what the business needs. But once you got that covered, you need to ork with software developers to create the product. Time for some cat herding. Time to figure out how to get the information to these software developers just right so they understand and create what you and the business wants. Communicating with Software Developers takes some special finess. The difference in technical understanding between software developers and their surroundings can make it hard to find common ground and clearly communicate intent and requirements. In this talk I will provide you with some practical tools to better help you navigate these troubled waters. And most of all, to get them to work with you in achieving the business goals.


Session info:

Speaker: Jeroen Leenarts

iOS Developer Relations Lead at Stream

Date: 24 June 2022

Time: 16:10 - 16:40

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Best practices

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