Give the right feedback

Respectfully dealing with your colleagues, customers and relatives has more effect than you think. Do you master the art of giving feedback so that everyone can work constructively? Giving feedback requires a number of criteria, if you manage this well, then you will be more appreciated by your colleagues and give the other person the chance to grow.

Respect and growing together provides a healthy working atmosphere. In a good working environment the production is higher and there is less absenteeism. What do the others need and what do you need and how do you communicate that? In this training you become aware of your way of communicating. You can help each other by asking and listening carefully.

For whom
For software developers who find it difficult to give and receive feedback.

Additional literature: Marshall Rosenberg. Non-violent communication. A way of life. Puddledancer Press: Encinitas, California.  Frank Oomkes. Training als beroep. Boom uitgevers: Amsterdam/Meppel (geen Engelse vertaling beschikbaar).

This session is interactive, you won’t need a laptop


Session info:

Speaker: Elsa Amsing

Psycholoog Arbeid & Gezondheid NIP

Date: 13 March 2019

Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Relevant tags:
Communication Leadership

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