How to pick the right mobile technology

If at the very beginning of mobile development (2008) and until recently, we only had official solutions provided by manufacturers which were considered to be serious solutions for creating mobile applications, in 2023 the possibilities have multiplied. Google and Apple have introduced solutions to realize the UI in a declarative way (Jetpack Compose, Swift UI), React Native has a large market share, Flutter continues to grow, and solutions like KMM (Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile) allow the sharing of business code between the two platforms. What solution should you start as a dev? As a business? In this talk, we will present you with elements to help you in your choice by answering the following questions: – Why and how each solution was created? On what basis? By who? – How it works ? How is the code executed? What are the technical limitations? – What are the possibilities for integrating these technologies into a new project? In an existing project? Can we mix these technologies?


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Speaker: Elaine Dias Batista

Senior Staff Engineer at SFEIR | GDE at SFEIR

Date: 15 March 2024

Time: 13:15 - 14:00

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