Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for Sceptics

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (or KMM) is a new SDK from JetBrains that allows iOS and Android developers to share code between the two platforms. The shared code is written in Kotlin. Typical use cases include sharing networking, data storage, internal libraries, and algorithms, but the choice is yours!

While most Android developers love writing their apps in Kotlin, iOS developers are understandably wary to adopt KMM. This talk will give both iOS and Android developers the tools to get started with KMM with confidence. This talk will include:

  • An introduction of KMM and its benefits
  • A quick primer for Swift developers on writing idiomatic Kotlin
  • A demo showing how to create a basic app with KMM
  • A guide to convincing other developers and stakeholders on the feasibility and benefits of KMM

By the end of this talk, I will have covered enough content for teams to get started with KMM in their existing codebases and start reaping the rewards of this exciting new technology.


Session info:

Speaker: Pamela Hill

Android Engineer at GoDaddy Studio

Date: 24 June 2022

Time: 13:15 - 14:00

Relevant tags:
Cross Platform Kotlin

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