Negotiation: be prepared for dirty tricks

You are a subject matter expert. Not an expert in negotiation. In dealing with an experienced negotiation party there is a chance smart techniques are used that benefit them. To remain argumented it is important to be aware of this situation, recognize the tricks and develop antennas to see through them. During the workshop you will exactly learn to deal with a more sly negotiator than you are and still get what you want. We also will discuss the ‘do’s’ and the ‘don’ts’ in negotiating.

This session is stand-alone, but if you also join the morning session you can built on this by diving into another aspect of the art of negotiation.

This session is interactive, you won’t need a laptop.


The Soft Skills sessions were developed by Miss Appril. Miss Appril supports and matches app developers.


Session info:

Speaker: Renate Hospers

Speakercoach at Signatuur

Date: 16 September 2020

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

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