Practical Jetpack Compose Performance

Jetpack Compose is the preferred toolkit for building native UI’s on Android. By adopting Jetpack Compose comse also a set of challenges. One of those challenages is writing performance optimized Compose code.

This talk will focus on:
1. Live coding demo’s which show common performance pitfalls in Compose. Some examples are:
– Recomposition and skipping of recomposion
– Use of @Immutable annotation
– Use of remember and derivedStateOf
– Deferred reads
2. Solutions to mitigate those performance issues
3. Demo of tools which help to identify those performance issues

After this sessions the attendee has enough knowledge to apply the solutions given in this talk.


Session info:

Speaker: Jamie Craane

Jamie is part of Moxie Mobile. Experienced Android/Full Stack developer at Moxie Mobile

Date: 12 May 2023

Time: 10:55 - 11:40

Relevant tags:
Android Kotlin

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