Presentation Skills Masterclass 4: Designing Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Have you heard of “death by PPT”? Are you sometimes guilty of making your presentation slides boring and uninspiring? PowerPoint gets a bad rep, but actually it’s a tool that most people don’t know how to use to it’s true potential. In this workshop, you will see the secrets behind creating a powerful presentation in action.

Working with managers, tech experts and startups to sharpen their presentation, I have seen how much of a difference a well designed PPT makes. A well-designed and crafted PowerPoint presentation can bring you the next big investor, can make your TEDx talk memorable, can bring you new clients and can position you as an expert in your field.

This workshop will be very practical and with your laptop at your disposal you will learn:
✓ The key design principles behind an effective presentation
✓ How to make the most of the transitions and animations that PowerPoint has to offer
✓ How to present data and reports in a more effective way
✓ How to integrate videos and graphics in your tutorial presentations
✓ Where to download free images, graphics and video for your presentation
✓ Pro tips on making sure you deliver the presentation at high levels o professionalism

This session is very practical, so bring your laptop with you. While I will focus on using PowerPoint, most of the principles discussed in the course will apply to Google Slides and Keynote.


Session info:

Speaker: Alex Glod

Storyteller, TEDx Speaker, Udemy Instructor at Storyarc

Date: 22 June 2022

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

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