Presenting your ideas to your team or CTO

Presenting your ideas to your team or CTO

Presenting is a skill. And we all do it and can improve it. Today we take that skill a step forward: what are the Do’s & Don’ts. How do you convince your colleagues or your customer?
In these three hours you will start with a few tricks of the trade and you will learn how your ideas can influence your surroundings.

Presenting is not just in front of a full room with 300 people. Presentating within the company or for the client is also extremely important. When your ideas are presented with the right mindset, they are more likely to flourish and grow. This workshop is for everyone who has a great idea and wants to improve his/her skills in presenting this idea in a convincing and effective way.

We will work on content as well as on the performance of your presentation, so it will meet or even better: exceed the expectations of your ‘audience’.

Additional literature: Whitney Johnson (2016). Disrupt yourself. Bibliomotion: New York, USA.

Date: 12 March 2019    

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