Reveal your striking presence

Sometimes your presence can be a little more effective, you are told to be more visible for example. Or that in case you are modest they see you as arrogant. It is important that your presence is congruent with the way you are because otherwise they don’t take you serious. Let’s discover ‘The Big Two’ to optimize your presence without loosing your authenticity. This workshop is about how to manage your presence and build a strong human brand.

You learn:
– to present your achievements and get feedback on it
– to read your own and other people’s behavior to deep dive into The Big Two; competence and warmth
– to know your own priming for managing your presence which strengthens your qualities

For whom: for founders and Tech leads who want to make impact with their presentation. I’d like you to prepare a max 5 minutes presentation about a topic you’re busy with. It can be about your work, your hobby or whatever you like to talk about. When you join both the first and the second session you can use the same story twice.

  • This session is stand-alone, but if you join the morning Storydesign session, you can built on this, by diving into another aspect of the art of presententing. 
  • This session is interactive, you won’t need a laptop.


The Soft Skills sessions were developed by Miss Appril. Miss Appril supports and matches app developers.



Session info:

Speaker: Renate Hospers

Speakercoach at Signatuur

Date: 15 September 2020

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Relevant tags:
Other skills Presenting

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