Stress …learn to redirect that energy


Working in agile environments can be super-exciting, yet extremely stressful at times. This stress is costing you or your organization. Short term ‘pampering’ solutions offer temporary relief, but do not really allow you to do the work you love.

In this session we will consider solutions that reduce stress and increase efficiency. By looking at stress as inefficient allocation of our battery life that can be re-allocated. Our misinformed brain makes wrong and misinformed decisions. By seeing events as threats too often, it allocates energy to unnecessary fear/frustration responses. We will look at how the brain can be reprogrammed to revalue events from perceived threats into opportunities for growth. This is called Positive Neuroplasticity. We look at scientifically researched training methods, and learn to work with it.

From this session you will learn:

  • To recognize stress and the perceived causes at work or in the home environment
  • How the everyday brain processes are actually causing this stress
  • To modify those brain processes…easy steps to reframe perception
  • To reallocate that energy to realistic purposes
  • Business or personal solutions

This session is stand alone, yet an enhancing context for our next session about balancing 5 brain functions “Training emotional intelligence” This session is interactive. A laptop is not necessary. We need your mind!


Book tips:

Hardwiring Happiness

Optimize work life for it professionals


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Session info:

Speaker: Steven Claus

Harvard-online educated negotiator trainer/coach focus at My Mind Farm

Date: 15 September 2020

Time: 09:00 - 12:30

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EQ Stress

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