Strengthen your team

The world in which we operate changes all the time, whether it is a new pandemic, new technology, the market situation, client demands or indeed internal changes, new management, a merger etc. A team or company that is able to tap into its full potential is better adapt to navigate change and to successfully capitalise on the new possibilities that occur.

In this workshop we will look at how to strengthen the team from within, how to tap into its full potential. You will learn a way to evaluate your team to understand its strengths and how to do this with your team. You will formulate steps you can take to become a stronger team.

My goal is that you will walk away at the end of the workshop with a:

  • A fresh perspective on (your) team.
  • A participative way to evaluate your team.
  • Concrete steps towards a creating a more successful team
  • This session is stand-alone, but if you also join the session: ‘How to lead successfully’, you can built on this session.
  • This session is interactive, be prepared to do the work.


Additional literature: Patrick Lencioni (2012), The Advantage, Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.


Session info:

Speaker: Ad van Roosmalen

Consultancy in Leiderschap en Organisatieontwikkeling at Ad van Roosmalen

Date: 22 June 2022

Time: 09:00 - 12:30

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