Translate your way out of the documents jungle.

Everyone of us has probably done it before, copy pasted large texts from excel documents into your translation files in your developer IDE. The project is close to going live and then you get the most final versions and can copy paste it for the last time. When you just created the builds you get a newer version, a small addition which means some time in copy paste it all over again. Finally, the app is live and it’s getting traction, even abroad. Then the client calls, we want to launch the app in France! But this means a translation to a new language that wasn’t taken into account when setting up the app. Also, we see that that language has longer words so the design needs to be addressed as well. 

In this talk we talk about how to setup your project properly when working with translations, I’ll show you lessons learned from real life cases and how you can use tools instead of excel documents to implement translations in your app.


Session info:

Speaker: Ennio Brands

Technical Strategist at Move at Move Agency

Date: 15 March 2024

Time: 13:15 - 14:00

Relevant tags:
Android iOS Web

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