Burcu K. Kutluay

Burcu K. Kutluay

Eurail B.V., Sr. IOS Developer at Eurail B.V.

Burcu is an iOS advocate, wants to empower others with her extensive tech expertise. In her formative years, the transformative potential of technology showcased in The Matrix struck a personal chord. Inspired by the limitless possibilities of tech, she later embarked on her journey into the world of computer engineering where she discovered her passion; designing technology to help improve lives, one app at a time.

In 2021 she joined the Eurail team, bringing over 5 years of mobile app development expertise spanning finance, business/e-commerce, travel/tourism, and the tech industry. Within Eurail she crafts code behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless and personalised journey for our valued customers on iOS platforms. In her past experience, she has also led the design interface and experience team to victory in prestigious international hackathons.

In addition she is an emerging influencer for Women in Tech and is committed to encouraging more conversations about tech trends and best practices. She generously shares her tech wisdom as a contributing writer on Medium.

When she’s not reshaping the tech landscape, Burcu finds solace in the strokes of a paintbrush and the melodies of guitar strings.

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