Why attend Appdevcon

“Appdevcon is a powerful, inspiring meeting of app developers for app developers.”

The latest technical insights

When you visit Appdevcon, you will listen to various keynote speakers and participate in interesting masterclasses and interactive workshops. The way to stay informed of the latest technical insights.

Learn from heavyweights

Leading developers from across the technology sector in the broadest sense of the word share their views on the challenges, solutions and opportunities for the future of the European technology sector.

Discover emerging technologies

Discover how the technology contributes to building resilience. Resilience that enables organizations and economies to respond faster and smarter to possible future disruptions.

Just deepen

By following interactive workshops and masterclasses you stay informed of the latest concepts. You immerse yourself in the topics that are relevant and important to you.

Meeting and networking

Appdevcon offers you the opportunity to meet role models, mentors and colleagues. They give you the chance to change the pace of your career.


Networking can be done on Appdevcon in different ways: structured or informal. The way to meet the people who matter to you in your own way.

Meet the speakers

To continue the conversation, all our speakers are available after their sessions to answer any pressing questions in the Speaker Q&A.

Finally it is allowed again at Appdevcon 2022: meeting each other face to face. Rediscover the power of face to face and personal involvement. And use the power of local networks and knowledge.

Get inspired

Be inspired by our passionate speakers with a diverse program of learning, knowledge sharing and practical take-aways.

Tech leaders

An unparalleled lineup of speakers sharing their technology insight, advice and guidance. They will do everything they can to inspire you.

Find your drive

Speakers who ensure that you regain passion for your work. That your career will be revived. Discover opportunities for development and progression.

Start the conversation

Appdevcon is the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate and discover how to drive change in your organization.
Come to Appdevcon on 20 until 24 June 2022 and be inspired, get the latest insights in technology and meet the most interesting speakers.