To make appdevcon awesome we rely on sponsors

Packages & Advantages

We have multiple sponsorship packages. They pay for a considerable amount of the organising costs of the conference and make sure we can offer tickets to our attendees at a low price, while keeping the quality of the event high.


2.000 EUR+VAT


4.000 EUR+VAT


7.000 EUR+VAT


12.000 EUR+VAT

Max amount of sponsors 10 4 2 1
Logo placed on introduction slides and conference website small medium large jumbo
Logo placed on introduction/mid-session slides, on video recordings cover image and on prints
Conference tickets included (for staff or giveaways) 1 2 4 10
Goodie bag insert
Sponsor announcement in social media channels
(Twitter, Facebook, Slack)
Job announcement
Attendee info
(Opt-in; company names before event start, attendee info after)
Sponsor highlight: custom movie posters in venue
Sponsor highlight: custom movie trailer before keynotes
Booth space small large
Speaking slot
(subject to cfp committee approval)
20 min 40 min
Special ideas on request
Individual banner placement in the halls

In addition to our packages, we have the following specials:

  • Appdevcon T-shirts

    1.500 EUR

  • Pre-conference Movie Night

    2.000 - 3.000 EUR

  • Afterparty Sponsor

    2.000 - 4.000 EUR

Previous sponsors

And many more...