Advanced Animations and Interactions with Objective-C

“Beautiful motion and interaction is the difference between good and great mobile apps. Anyone can build basic functionality with stock UIKit, but the hallmark of the advanced developer is the ability to bend UIKit to your vision. Take the next step on the developer ladder. Learn some of the advanced UI implementation techniques that have helped me over years of iOS development building apps for Google.Learn how to make scrollview touch handling do what you want. Use hit testing for custom interactions. We will discuss gesture recognizers in depth. Learn how to make responsive and interruptible interfaces. Use animation timelines to make your animations interactive. If time permits we will also discuss web/native hybrid interfaces and advanced debugging techniques. This talk is meant for the intermediate or advanced developer who already knows the basics and wants to take the next step into advanced techniques.”

Daniel Zucker does iOS development at Google and has over 15 years mobile development experience. Currently he is Tech Lead for Google My Business iOS. He is an author (Beginning Nokia Apps Development, Interactions, IEEE Transactions), frequent conference presenter (XTech, IEEE Social Computing, IEEE Coolchips), and lectured at several top engineering universities. Prior to Google, Zucker held management positions at Nokia, Sony Ericsson, PalmSource, Access, and ePocrates. He holds multiple engineering degrees from Stanford University.


Session info:

Speaker: Daniel Zucker

Tech Lead/Manager at Google Nest

Date: 18 March 2016

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

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