Best Practices for Notification Features

Notifications can be a double edged-sword: they can bring users back into your app, or if too frequent, cause them to delete your app forever.. We often use notifications to send our users on important or time sensitive information — but how do we implement these features while respecting the user’s attention?

At Slack, notifications are essential to our product. We’ve shipped numerous features that provide our users with the ability to decide on how and when they want to be informed. In this talk, I’ll go over how you can provide users with more control through customized notifications, and how you can use TDD to make sure your notification code is well-tested. I’ll share some examples of problems we’ve come across at Slack and how using protocol-oriented programming, mocking, and dependency injection has allowed us to ensure our notification code has test coverage! After the talk, you will know how to write notification features that are more stable and well architected while still providing value and control to your users.


Session info:

Speaker: Kaya Thomas

iOS engineer at Slack

Date: 15 March 2019

Time: 14:10 - 14:55

Relevant tags:
Best practices iOS Messaging Notifications

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